Google AddCents

Google “AddCents”
Mini payments for great content

• I want to pay people for great content. 
• I want to be able to click the G+ icon or the G$ icon… and pay an author a penny for their time. Or a nickel. Maybe even a quarter. 
• I want to add $10 or $25 to my Google Bank. And every time I click a G$ button the click gets deducted from my account. 
• For the trouble Google can take 5% off the top from my transactions and 5% off the top from the author’s transactions. 
• Everybody wins. I get better content and don’t have to feel like a thief. Authors get paid and get incentivised to produce great content. And Google gets their cut.

It’s Adsense, inverted. Instead of the target of the click, the sponsor or creator of the content, getting billed for the click, they get paid. And every G+ user get’s fitted with an Adsense, or rather and AddCents account where they can add $ into their Google Bank.

Not only should Google offer AddCents to allow me to pay for content (and get paid of course) they should do so using the Google Dollar GGD. I earn Google dollars by my human interactions with Google. I earn and can use and redeem GGD at a floating exchange rate. Why would Google want another currency than USD? They could float as much as they needed (The Google Reserve). They could influence the exchange rate and make it advantageous to them or to users. Perhaps they could use Bitcoin style transactions and financial machinery to manage it. Creating their own currency would allow creative tax benefits. It would create a new barter system that they control. Other sites/services would then want to offer GGDs as payment or receipts. I’m sure there are dozens of benefits I’m unqualified to dream up.

Google, make it so.

3 thoughts on “Google AddCents

  1. I remember reading that somewhere else on your page before. It sure sounds like a good idea to me. However, the issue I find with that is people’s unwillingness to pay anything for anything. Many bloggers these days give you the option to ‘buy them coffee,’ yet not many choose to do so. (I’m not without blame on that.)

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    1. Whoa, going back, like 9 years, to the day for this. And yeah, I’d formalized this with WeeFee, The Content Economy — all content becomes a source of revenue, based on merit.

      Koffee would work if there were a seamless, low cost option, and I buy you a tenth of a cup, you buy me a tenth of a cup, but only on the quality of our offerings…

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