On driverless cars…

 Before there will be fully driverless cars there will be mandatory network cars that form trains, like autopilots. You get up to highway speeds and engage the train-network which will link your car up with others traveling automatically. Your car will travel in a tight pack, talking to the cars around it. You can then relax for the duration of your trip. When done, you disengage and leave the highway.


No need for CHP if you have 90% driverless cars. No CHP then no outlay of monies you don’t have from speeding tickets. 


We should start seeing autopilot drones though patrolling the highways. Why use a human at all to catch speeders if all you need is a fleet of drones patrolling their 1 mile stretch of I-5.


True driverless cars have no need for front seats, headlights, taillights, blinkers, windshield wipers, gas or break pedals, gear shifters, and yeah, steering wheels.


Chauffeurs, bus-drivers, taxi-drivers, delivery personnel of all kinds, driver’s ed teachers, nasty DMV clerks, and well, car ownership itself will become redundant — unnecessary. There will be fleets of driverless cars (AutoDrones) parked in battery charging stations around every neighborhood. You just txtmsg your request for a pickup, number of passengers, storage capacity and in 90 seconds, there’s your ride.


Driver enabled cars will be regulated to entertainment courses where you go to get your speed freak on.

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