Mobile computing platform – MCP

Single purpose personal digital mobility components.

Examples of existing components:
Exercise bands and dongles
Bluetooth headsets
Google Glass
Heart/health monitors
Dashcams and LifeLoop type video recorders (police clip-ons and GoPro)

The smartphone ‘size’ escalation will continue until we abandon using smartphones as hand held units, holding brick sized computers to our face, and we adopt mobile computing platforms that provide for the base-station style personal networking to dominate.

At this time we will leverage the computing power, extended radio connectivity and storage of nextgen mobile computing platforms — MCPs. MCPs will begin to replace desktops and laptops and augment tablets and TVPCs. These MCPs will become Cloud extenders whereby their always on, always connected systems will form more of an extended cloud rather than satellite units plugged into the cloud.

Your MCP may contain embedded screens for interaction and media viewing, but more substantially perform as you system of choice for all computing needs. You would be able to allow your MCP to securely connect to any local proximity modules and interact, be they screens, cameras, audio, environment sensors, personal sensors, computing augmentation systems or networks. Your MCP will become your primary system, carried with you always and represent your digital self to the world.

Imagine carrying IBM’s Watson around in your pocket. A Watson connected at all times to the Cloud and at all times providing you awareness of your condition, the conditions of the world around you and supporting services and information you may need on demand. Your MCP will be your base computing station for wireless plug-in from all the peripherals that the world will produce to augment, enhance and protect your life.

Into your MCP you will connect:

• Biofeedback and skin sensors for monitoring heart health, diabetes, blood chemistry, and disease detection; any of which will allow select recipients to receive real time notification of traumatic changes in your physical self. Your MCP will save your life.

• Visual/audio recording systems – VARS: cameras and video recorders of any size and capacity. Such VARS will be worn like watches or pendants or clips. They will be button sized or shoulder/helmet mounted sized. They will be mounted in eyeglasses and ball caps the backs of automobiles. They will be essentially lenses, tiny or macro zoom sized with CCDs and gigabandwidth radios built in to stream their VA content into your MCP. Feedback will of course be provided real time into any number of visual display components – VDCs. These will be virtual eyeglass screens, armband flexible screens, watchscreens, direct retinal displays, or you will be able to broadcast your VARS output to local screens, for instance your TV, you friends screens, TV screens in airports, etc.

• Environment sensors and environment information delivery agents will auto-connect to your MCP providing you with real time temperature, weather, pollution, traffic, and situational emergency type notifications. The broadcast of supporting sensor information will feed into your MCP and give you a gestalt of the world around you in a continuous fashion.

• Digital data from the expanding internet of things will feed directly into your MCP. You’ll be able to receive messaging and notification from:
1. garden sensors to remind you to water your garden.
2. pet sensors to remind you to feed/walk/water your pets.
3. proximity sensors to alert you when people approach your home.
4. mailbox sensors (You’ve got Mail), home utility machine sensors (dryer/washer), resource use sensors (nat.gas water and electricity usage monitors).
• Your MCP will be use on the job to automatically monitor inventory of shelf goods, proximity and power levels of forklifts and material handling vehicles, stress and fatigue and activity levels of employees or fellow workers.

• Your mobile computing platform will become an extension of yourself. You will use it in place of any home computer you may own. Your MCP will connect automatically with screens you normally use to view computer media and web content.

• Your MCP will charge as you move, will charge from induction tables in your home or in local shops and businesses. Charge through solar cells attached to the device or through existing plugin power outlets.

The smartphone of today will evolve into the portable super computer of tomorrow. The MCP will supplant all personal computing systems and eliminate bulky computing platforms of old.

The mobile computing platform will be our representative agents in the future cloud.

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