Windows Universal apps? Bugger me NOT!

It’s not so much that C#’s popularity is starting to wane, but that developing in Microsoft tech is no longer desirable. C# is the defacto language for writing MS apps. But who wants to write MS apps now that there are so many variations and no clear direction from Redmond? Angel talks about the betrayal against developers that MS has subject via their ever-changing tools, design and deployment options.

I’m being forced — yes forced — to write Windows Phone 8.1 right now. And I hate it. Winform, WPF, Silverlight, WinRT, Winphone 7, 8, 8.1 and now Universal all of which have splattered their examples and documentation all over the net, I hate coming to work and having to struggle for every tiny bit of functionality. And with only ~2.5% of the mobile market? Hell to that! I’m sure I’d be better off learning java/Android and/or iOS. And even when you figure out how to implement something in WinPhone Universal (after having to write two different UIs), it NEVER looks as good or behaves as well as on Android or iOS.

MS has effectively screwed it’s developer cohort. Well, screw them back!

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