On suicide or humanity’s self professed reason for existence

Suicide is just the obvious conclusion of the rational mind regarding the whole of time and matter. Death now or later, it matters not.

Titus Lucretius an ancient Roman era philosopher was in tune with such understandings. The Universe will be no different before or after your birth or death. Thinking that an extra 20 or 80 years of life of a human makes a difference in the Universe is the height of hubris.

Everyone you know, everyone you have ever known, everyone anyone will ever know will die. The planet will die. The sun will die and in a trillion trillion years, the universe itself will die. Suicide a “tragedy”? Nonsense. Humans think their lives are some sort of special gift the universe bestows upon itself. Upon deep and careful examination of ones presence in the cosmos one realizes that there is no “reason” for existence therefore there is no reason to remain alive. DNA just makes us frightened of the end that’s all. DNA does NOT want to die. Are you a slave to your DNA? Or its master?

~~~~~~ On further reflection ~~~~~

Humans are THE tragic species. The matter and energy that makes up every particle of the universe, when combined in lumps and clumps, 99.999999% of the time, results in just matter, clumped. Then, that 1/millionth of a percent of the time, matter somehow combines such that it creates life. But what is life? The same clump of matter and energy there is dead. But that same clump of matter over here is — alive! That’s a strange, strange phenomena. Don’t you agree?

But the next stage is stranger still. One out of a trillion times of those original 1 one millionth clumping events results in — consciousness. If life weren’t hard enough to define and understand, consciousness is many times harder still. And you see, that one thought, that one strangeness of realization that conscious conditions like depression, loneliness, joy, and love exist… What is that? Where does something like love fit in the scheme of matter and energy? It doesn’t really. It’s something above the universe’s existence. Is that what humanity’s purpose is? To transcend the mundane chemical and physical aspects of matter and energy, to reach beyond what the universe presents as its only offering? If being human, being conscious is that rare and unique spark that extends beyond what the universe was slated to remain as, maybe that spark is something to be marveled at. To be cherished. To be protected.

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