Restaurants — no workers to be found.

“Build a wall across the southern border!” — Yeah, right. Don’t they realize that immigrants are the heart and soul of America? We are a country of immigrants. We revel in and require immigrants to drive not just the lower wage jobs but the entrepreneurial spirit they bring — abandon everything at home and strike out for the new world and the land of opportunity. That spirit… That frame of mind is the key to what made America great. Now we’re just a sad case of protectionism.

The food business suffers from the concept that food is cheap. It “seems” to be, commodity prices are at near relational lows. Chicken is cheaper than eggs? What? There is a huge dairy glut driving prices down all over New Zealand / Australia. Grains are all way way down. Sure beef suffered from the Texas drought and pork from the asian sicknesses that crop up. But overall, food really is cheap. And consumers believe that meals served in restaurants should be cheap too. A working wage for a skilled chef or sou chef should be at least $25/hr. It takes me at least an hour to prepare a quality meal, and my time is worth at least twice that.

A crisis is looming and this is just a sign of the times…

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