Amendment #29, non-sequential term limits

**** 29th Amendment ****

Section 1.

No person shall retain the office of Senator of the United States for consecutive terms.

Section 2.

No person shall retain the office of Representative of the United States for consecutive terms.


Every congressional vote every congressperson takes today is done with an eye toward the next election. Every lobbyist visit is done with the knowledge that the targeted congressperson has the next election on their mind. Every 2 or 6 years a considerable amount of time and effort is spent by every congressperson on their reelection, time and effort we the people pay for yet get little in return. Maintaining office is the primary endeavor every congressperson takes to as soon as they enter office. The fact remains that our laws are being made by elected officials who’s sole goal is not to enact laws benefiting and protecting U.S. Citizens but to remain in their positions. Every vote they take, every speech they give, every bill they introduce is couched with reelection in mind. Most congresspersons look at Congress membership as a life long pursuit, a corporate sponsored life long pursuit.

The 29th Amendment must be enacted to change the terms of election for all of Congress.

No sequential terms. Reelection only after sitting out for a minimum of one term.

• Single terms will reduce the impact of lobbyists and corporate sponsors.
• Single terms will allow the vetting of every congressperson’s record.
• Single terms will return congresspersons to the private sector to remix with the citizenry.
• Single terms will reduce the impact of party line voting.
• Single terms will focus Congress on what’s important – the county’s well-being.

What Congress must do during their tenure in office should be one thing and one thing only – to create and pass laws that benefit the citizens of the United States of America. Forcing congressional candidates to skip terms will allow the record of each past Senator and Representative to be examined in detail and either condemned or extolled. If the latter, then their reelection during a subsequent campaign would be a sign of their efficacy and trustworthiness. Congress members would enter office with the full knowledge that they must focus on the job at hand for their entire term. That their record in office is the singular means for future election. Failure to do so would render them incompetent and unfit for future elections.

The 29th Amendment, in concert the proposed statute reducing campaign contributions maximums would return the country to its past republic glory.


Amendment 28: Corporations are not people.
Amendment 29: Non-sequential term limits for Congress.
Amendment 30: Campaign contributions limited to one day’s average gross pay, per candidate, per annum, by natural citizens only.




2 thoughts on “Amendment #29, non-sequential term limits

  1. The #1 approach to retracting the country’s decades long shift to the conservatism is this: Stop Disparaging Government.
    Government — in all of its manifestations from cops, to firefighters, to DMV workers, to city, county and state administrators, to EPA, CDC, BLM, etc. workers and officers — is society. We ARE government and government IS us.

    Reagan mocked government “Inefficient, slow, bloated, redundant…” Get rid of government and bring in Big Business to handle our problems. Deregulate the health care industry. Promote corporate M&A’s creating vast transnational conglomerates. Oppress worker organization, slash taxes on the rich, gut social and education programs. And what did we get? Explosive inequality. Uber-Rich and expansive inequality. How did he do it? By disparaging the very government he led.

    “The Market System will provide!” — a common mantra that we’ve been sold over and over.
    “Shrink or eliminate government!” — the flip side of the coin of this capitalistic dogma preached to us from on high by the Mighty Right.

    Corporations are not, have never been, will never be a substitute for building and maintaining the social safety net that all societies need. Our’s has been whittled near to nothing. How? By adopting the myth that government is bad. Sure it’s often broken or corrupt. But the purpose of government — to support and equalize the demands and needs of its citizens — has never been more in demand.

    Corporations will NOT be supporting or equalizing the demands and needs of society. Only government can do this.

    Change the white working class’s tune: Corporations are the problem. Government the solution.


  2. Remember, Congress is a life time occupation. Once in, a congressperson’s…
    • Job #1: STAY IN POWER (plan your next election, do nothing to jeopardize this).
    • Job #2: feather your nest with networked corporate connections (so you can become a lobbyist, if need be).
    • Job #3: obstruct your enemies’ bills and agendas.
    • Job #4: pretend to actually do your job — present and work on progressive laws of the land.


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