Sea Container Micro Theater

Here’s an idea. Use 20′ sea containers as micro-theaters.
If you use an 84 inch TV:
You can host about 12 people per showing.
Movies would be driven from DVDs or digital distributions.
Put in 4 sets of 3 seats across (2′ per seat) for 12 seats, with each set using 3 feet in depth
Speakers for audio could be mounted anywhere, distributed throughout the container.
Imagine building these and offering for venues like Sundance or Cannes film festivals. Or put them at state/region fairs. Or private showings… Who doesn’t want their own private theater?
Put them in nearly anywhere. I can see a dozen or more of them arrayed inside a warehouse. A simple canopy to shelter the door and stairs could be prefabricated and attached at will.
The idea is there for the taking. Let me know what you think. I think one could build one for maybe $30-40k. Luxury version for $60-100k.
10 people per showing,
5 showings per day,
$20 ticket ($22 – 1 candy or popcorn + 1 drink).
$1000 / day gross
52 weekends, 2 days per
100 days = $100,000 / year gross

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