American capitalism has failed us

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Thanks for your efforts Ann Jones.

I would state that the predominant issue in the U.S. is that the founding fathers did not foresee the rise of the Corporation. And subsequently, the handling of this entity, as a reflection on the citizenry, has been poorly done.

Corporations are NOT people. Who is their right mind would think otherwise? Oh yes, the oligarchs.

Corporations do not have funding rights in our elections. Who in their right mind would think otherwise? …

Corporations do not have lobbying rights to our elected officials. Who in their…

You see, the issue is that the Constitution has not been adjusted, over the last century, solely with the country’s citizens in mind. It’s the oligarchs and their corporate powers that have swayed the amendments and the alteration of our Land’s Law.

If we take back our Constitution. OUR Constitution. Then we could have a more equitable union. A more balanced approach to the operation of our country.

Amendment #28 Corporations are not people.

Amendment #29 Non-sequential terms for congress.

Amendment #30 Campaign contributions limited to one avg day’s wage, per person, per candidate, per year.

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