Seeking efficiency

Given the task of identifying why a group of individuals does or does not produce quality results in a timely effective manner I began to question my own involvement in groups. Groups could be of any size, 2 on up. What was it that, predominately, I tended to do within those groups; how did I behave?

What I realized was that, in general, both in groups as well as my alone behavior, was that I was constantly seeking efficiency.

What’s wrong with the world today? Inequality dominates the social forums. Why the rich are so much wealthier than everyone else? How did this come to be, I asked myself. Well, the rules are broken, I replied. The efficiency of society is based on the effectiveness of government’s ability to manage society and of society’s means to modify government such that we have a more level environment for doing satisfying work. We don’t have that today. The U.S. Constitution needs help. Better rules would make society more efficient.

When speaking to folks I refrain from taking tangential baths of discussion. Get to the point, stay on point, and finish the thought and theory. Conversations that meander around this and that, never fully realizing their original intent of communicating ideas drive me batty. Articles I read that spend hundreds of words up front performing an elaborate dance of introduction grind me to tears. Get-to-the-bloody-point. If I think your point has merit I’ll continue to read. But if it takes me 2 minutes just to get into the subject line of your theory — forget it; I’m outta here.

Washing the dishes. Cleaning kitchen. Mowing the lawn. Folding my clothes. Every activity I tend to approach in a way that I believe is the most efficient method to get it done. Maybe I’m just inherently lazy. Extra work, bores me, infuriates me, saddens me.

It appears, after some reflection, that in many if not most activities I am seeking efficiency.

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