Medical care – a travesty – yes, but…

The medical industry, pharmaceutical industry, tax law industry, options, futures and security trading industry and the banking industry all depend on complexity to protect them from true consumer oriented policy change. All of the above continue to become more deeply embedded with both self imposed as well governmentally imposed rules and regulations. They like it like this. It’s job protection for hundreds of thousands of professionals in those industries.

Obama, Drumpf, Hillary or others who might follow will never rectify this complexity game — primarily because Congress must be the one to enact change NOT the President. It is Congress that is always at the root of society’s problems. They have the power to change such industries. But do they? Of course not. Congress is beholden to lobbyists who fund their campaigns, their lifestyles and their post office positions in said industries.

We often tend to think that the U.S. President is this all powerful agent setting out to change the country for the better. They actually have very little power to do so. Obama didn’t create Obamacare. Congress did. If you have a problem with illegal immigrants — talk to Congress. It’s their job to change the system. Don’t like gun laws, fracking laws, drug laws, SEC laws, banking rules, insurance regulations? Talk to Congress.


Youtube video about hospital costs

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