An agenda of contradictions

Drumpf would stand at the North Pole, in the middle of northern hemisphere winter, in a raging snowstorm and with his pinched face declare “What global warming?”

Drumpf would stand in in the rain in a California almond orchard, during a seasonal deluge and shrug his shoulders and state “What drought?”

Drumpf would stand in the tide pools, at low tide in Tuvalu and incredulously claim “What sea rise?”

Drumpf’s statements are representative of most of corporate think: short term outlook for short term profits. Obvious agenda conjoined with shallow, narrow minded thinking are tools of those wishing to distract the public from obvious trends and eventualities to focus on immediate gratification issues. And we are a culture, a world culture, reliant more and more on I-want-mine-now!

What is inconsistent in Drumpf’s story, however, and redolent of some subversive byline, is his obvious understanding of long term views given a history of real estate investment. One does not generally play the real estate market with a goal to flip a large property for 1000 basis points within a yearly quarter. Sure it happens but the expectations of ROI on property extends usually over years if not decades.

Therefore, if we assume that the Donald has a real estate minded ability to see the future payout for long term investments, what is he playing at when he blatantly ignores projections of obvious trends and brushes them off as conjecture and conspiracy?

We all know the reason, he’s stated it himself, Drumpf today is not a Drumpf tomorrow — “I will change, once I’m President!” The trick, I propose, is to catch him in an obvious contradiction and hold his feet to the global warming fire.

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