Elon Musk and Apple? NOT!

• Elon knows that computers are tools that are embedded in things that make them operate, autonomously.
• Apple sees computers as products unto themselves.
• The two visions are incompatible.
• Tesla, to become the ultimate personal transportation company, doesn’t need Apple to do so.
• Apple, to become the ultimate personal assistant company, needs to buy IBM’s Watson in order to provide the instant knowledge and intuitive guidance that only an integrated networked computer can. Essentially, if you need something, Apple should be able to deliver it to you, tell you were to find it, or instantly connect you to someone or some thing that can deliver on your need. The biggest hole right now in the human to computer solution is health. Apple should become THE digitally assisted health provider — tell me what’s wrong with me (tricorder), tell me how I can fix me, or tell me who can help me fix me, manage my medical self (history, records, genetic data, prognosis, recommendations, lab data (where are all the pee on a stick and tell me I have cancer iPhone add-ons?)).
• Elon is a visionary who uses computers as tools.
• Apple is a computer company who thinks the computer IS the only tool.

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