Society’s morals – a sordid story

Do this search:

I’ll save you the effort:

noun: opprobrium
harsh criticism or censure.

synonyms:    vilification, abuse, vituperation, condemnation, criticism, censure, denunciation, defamation, denigration, castigation, disparagement, obloquy, derogation, slander, calumny, execration, lambasting, bad press, invective, libel, character assassination;

the public disgrace arising from someone’s shameful conduct.
“the opprobrium of being closely associated with thugs and gangsters”

synonyms:    disgrace, shame, dishonor, stigma, humiliation, discredit, loss of face, ignominy, obloquy, disrepute, infamy, notoriety, scandal; rare disesteem
“the opprobrium of being associated with thugs”

Do you think society is obsessed with the condemnation of behaviors?

Sheesh! We sure know how to cut people down don’t we.

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