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Campaign = publicity stunt

Donald Drumpf is a genius.

There, I said it. No, really, he is. From the outset The Donald has treated the 2016 Presidential election like a publicity stunt. Treated it like a game, like a superficial contest that he could compete in. And by throwing in his hat and batting it around the arena, he’s earned billions of dollars of free advertising for his brand. Genius.

Let’s face it, Donald Drumpf has fooled us, he’s won the contest he wanted to win which was to bluster and push his persona into the limelight. That’s all he wanted to do. Initially he wasn’t serious, but what’s ironic is that he’s still not serious. Let’s examine his technique, for only someone who wanted to win the presidency but not be the presidency would have behaved the way he did. Someone like that would:

  1. Find three or four hot buttons he could slap, over and over, that would get a certain segment of the American People riled up.
  2. Blast trite, ill conceived verbiage out into the media for the purpose of inflaming emotions and garnering attention.
  3. Spout controversial ideas that would instantly divide folks into camps.
  4. Name call, insult, deride, blaspheme any and all competitors or detractors, again, all to gain the focal point of the media.
  5. Be the entertainer he is.

To The Donald it’s all about the race. The competition. The challenge. Nobody who was serious about BEING the POTUS would have ever approached the campaign like Drumpf did. For instance,

Drumpf has no plan. He’s got no idea how to create, approach or execute the dozens of individual policies that every candidate who was serious had deliberately created as part of their campaign. The Donald is clueless when it comes to the actual JOB of being President. But then again, he doesn’t need a plan. Winning was the only plan.

Drumpf’s shoot from the hip, tweet flippant, desultory comments about every tiny grievance is not the mark of someone who wants to BE the President. To post or react publicly the way Donald does is a huge risk. To The Donald it is part of his craft. It’s the sign of someone who only wants to arouse sentiment, rile the crowds, in a word — entertain — the masses with his antics.

Drumpf’s classic rhetoric was gleaned from the speeches of past propagandists. How do you keep the media focused on your provocative hyperbole? You inform all those who will listen that “the-end-is-near”, without me you are all doomed. “Only (demi)God can see us through this atrocious attack on our way of life, our children, our country.” That is pure genius. The Donald knows the one emotion that rules them all, fear. His history of manipulating people has taught him that. If your fears can be incited then they can be used to alter your behavior.

Feel imperiled? I have the way to ease your tensions.
Feel threatened? I have the way to protect you.
Feel anxious about the future? I have the way to calm you.
Feel oppressed? I have the way to lift you into the light.

All of it targeted eloquence to mollify the masses. All of it empty promises. All of it designed to win the day. Win the day but not win the future. For to win the future, reality must be addressed. Policy-of-action for candidates who not only want to become the President but ACT THE PRESIDENT is part of their campaign. Their rhetoric is backed by their plans for what must be done AFTER they become the POTUS.

The Donald has no such plans. That was never his plan from the start. All Drumpf wants to do is to win a contest, perform a stunt, bask in the limelight, stand in front of millions of people and feel like he still matters. That is The Donald’s plan. And in that he succeeded magnificently. Genius, absolute genius.


Turing Trump

OK, this is not a Turing Test. But it started out as a response to a post about whether Donald Drumpf could pass a Turing test… What follows is more an example of a political interview.

TuringTester: Donald, tell us about your foreign policies.

DD: I love foreign things. My ties are all foreign made, did you know? I tried to get them made here in this dying country we call the United States but, you know, my ties are purple, a favorite foreign color!

TT: Donald, what will you do about SEC / Wall Street corruption?

DD: Wall Street, I love walls! Walls on a Street what could be more American! SEC spells sex. Why are you guys still talking about my hands?

TT: Donald, freedom of religion is a foundation of the United States, what is your position on this freedom?

DD: My religion is money! I worship money. You like money right? We all like money. We all worship money, am I right? You, yeah you, you like money right? If I gave you ahundreddollars right now, just gave it to you, you’d probably vote for me right, am I right? If you don’t like money then you should not be allowed into this country. We’ll build a wall and keep out all the money haters.

TT: College tuition costs in the U.S. have skyrocketed. What will you do about this?

DD: I’ll tell you what. We’ve got the smartest people on the planet in this country. I should know. How can tuition be so expensive if we’ve got the smartest people? And besides, the best things cost the most? Just look at me. I buy the best ties, the best shoes, I live in the best City-In-The-World; the best costs money. Lots of money. That’s why I love it. Because I love the best. Because I am the best candidate in this race. I am. Just ask my graduates of Drumpf University. They’ll tell you. ‘Yeah, he’s the best.’

TT: A fourth of the people on the planet don’t have electricity. Future energy costs are set to impact third world countries dramatically. This country’s energy policy is in flux. What are your energy plans?

DD: Look up. You see that there. That’s called the Sun. It’s a big ball of energy. If I owned the sun I’d be a trillionaire, selling energy, a great business selling energy. Those countries that don’t have lights? They just need to open the windows, you know, and let the light in. This country’s energy policy is a mess, just a mess. You know that stuff Texans, I love Texans, I do, that stuff Texans dig out of the ground, you know, it makes jets fly and stuff [crude oil?] Yeah, crude oil, it’s everywhere in this country. People hate frickin’ fracking, I love it. I say dig up the oil and burn it in our jets and we won’t have an energy problem anymore.

TT: That brings up another topic, climate change. The Paris Accords, the IPCC, the UN all acknowledge that humans are changing the climate. Increasing CO2 to levels not seen for millions of years. What will you do to ameliorate anthropogenic climate change?

DD: Anthropology is a great science. I love scientists. Some of the best come from Paris. I love Paris, the art, the people, the food (I love french toast AND french fries). But those talks they held in Paris? Yeah those talks, where they talked and talked and talked. That’s all they do there in Paris, they talk. I’m a man of action. When I think about something, I act. Like if I was thinking about firing you from your job. I wouldn’t just think about it. I would act. YOU’RE FIRED. See what did there? I acted. This climate thing, the planet is hot and getting hotter. You know who’s hot? My wife, Melania, she’s hot. Wouldn’t she make a hot First Lady? Michelle, she’s hot too, but not like my wife.

[The climate…] Right, about this climate thing, we got to stop planting trees. You plant trees, you cut them down, you burn them in your fire place, the smoke goes up, that smoke, it’s full of CO2 you know, it goes up and makes the planet hotter. It’s the trees that are the problem. Not cars. Cars are good for America. Well the ones we make in this country are good. Those from Japan, eeeyyyyaaa, not so good, you know what I’m saying?

TT: Thanks for your time Donald, but we have to say, we’re not really sure you’re human…

DD: You see this scar right here, this long one on my arm, I got that assembling an IKEA dresser my daughter made me buy to donate to this homeless shelter, where they love money too. If that doesn’t prove I’ve got a heart then you can take your questions and stuff’em. (mumbling off to the side, the balls on that guy, calling me an Alien! He’s an Alien!)

PokePolice: a code of conduct

The Pokemon GO player’s Code of Conduct

  • Hunt Pokemon with a buddy. Go out in pairs or groups.
  • Your phone is your protection. Use it to record suspicious behavior.
  • If a PokeStop is remote, consider leaving it alone, or only approach it during daylight or with a pal.
  • Say hi to all the other Pokemon trainers you meet. If they don’t greet you back, or act suspicious, keep an eye on them.
  • Be a conscientious Pokemon trainer, lookout for other trainers who may need your assistance.
  • Be kind to other Pokemon trainers, this is a game after and is suppose to be fun.
  • The Pokemon GO phenomena is yours to police, protect and nurture. Care for the game as much as you care for your Pokemon.


The cycle of racial tension

The heinous Dallas attack is part of a cycle. A cycle goes round and round. Unfortunately those capable of breaking the cycle, the police of every city in the nation, fail to act rationally, fail to act with restraint. fail to look for other means of altercation resolution aside from pulling their weapon and killing their victim. Until the police cease (or at least reduce) the incident of unjustified murder, the cycle will remain. A cycle that feeds on escalating racial tension.

There is no black.
There is no white.
There is no brown.
There is only red.
The red of our blood.
We are all joined by the red of our blood.

In response to:

The Need Economy

We are most assuredly smack-dab in the “I Need” economy.

I need ____ [fill in the blank]. What app hasn’t been built to try and fill some niche need, some human (or other) might want or desire?

  • I need a trip to the airport next week.
  • I need a place to stay in Cabo in August.
  • I need a pizza.
  • I need my groceries picked up at the store.
  • I need a flight to Chicago, next Wednesday.
  • I need a new prescription filled.
  • I need a prom dress.
  • I need a child sitter tonight.
  • I need my lawn mowed.
  • I need, I need, I need.

The list goes on forever.

Now, many of these needs can be filled almost instantly. Amazon is the ultimate “I need” fulfillment provider. I need a ride, Uber of course. I need a place to stay, AirBnb. I need a flight — oh priceline, or expedia or kayak. And then the other needs have fulfillment channels but those require more work. Craigslist can fulfill some needs for selling your stuff, or buying local goods and services like firewood or carpentry. The same for Angie’s list, and the other “lists” out there.

But what’s wrong with this whole picture is that there are dozens of these channels that a person must navigate in order to have a need fulfilled.

Why not just have one?

This one will interpret your need, maybe query deeper to narrow down your choices and then either begin the fulfillment chain or connect to the service of choice to have that need realized.

Where is this singular, unified needs provider? Is it in the soul of the new DeepMind  AIs being built? Is IBM’s Watson going to become my personal valet for every want I could ever voice? What?

Someone will build this. You know they will.

Or is this an opportunity to be the first?