Campaign = publicity stunt

Donald Drumpf is a genius.

There, I said it. No, really, he is. From the outset The Donald has treated the 2016 Presidential election like a publicity stunt. Treated it like a game, like a superficial contest that he could compete in. And by throwing in his hat and batting it around the arena, he’s earned billions of dollars of free advertising for his brand. Genius.

Let’s face it, Donald Drumpf has fooled us, he’s won the contest he wanted to win which was to bluster and push his persona into the limelight. That’s all he wanted to do. Initially he wasn’t serious, but what’s ironic is that he’s still not serious. Let’s examine his technique, for only someone who wanted to win the presidency but not be the presidency would have behaved the way he did. Someone like that would:

  1. Find three or four hot buttons he could slap, over and over, that would get a certain segment of the American People riled up.
  2. Blast trite, ill conceived verbiage out into the media for the purpose of inflaming emotions and garnering attention.
  3. Spout controversial ideas that would instantly divide folks into camps.
  4. Name call, insult, deride, blaspheme any and all competitors or detractors, again, all to gain the focal point of the media.
  5. Be the entertainer he is.

To The Donald it’s all about the race. The competition. The challenge. Nobody who was serious about BEING the POTUS would have ever approached the campaign like Drumpf did. For instance,

Drumpf has no plan. He’s got no idea how to create, approach or execute the dozens of individual policies that every candidate who was serious had deliberately created as part of their campaign. The Donald is clueless when it comes to the actual JOB of being President. But then again, he doesn’t need a plan. Winning was the only plan.

Drumpf’s shoot from the hip, tweet flippant, desultory comments about every tiny grievance is not the mark of someone who wants to BE the President. To post or react publicly the way Donald does is a huge risk. To The Donald it is part of his craft. It’s the sign of someone who only wants to arouse sentiment, rile the crowds, in a word — entertain — the masses with his antics.

Drumpf’s classic rhetoric was gleaned from the speeches of past propagandists. How do you keep the media focused on your provocative hyperbole? You inform all those who will listen that “the-end-is-near”, without me you are all doomed. “Only (demi)God can see us through this atrocious attack on our way of life, our children, our country.” That is pure genius. The Donald knows the one emotion that rules them all, fear. His history of manipulating people has taught him that. If your fears can be incited then they can be used to alter your behavior.

Feel imperiled? I have the way to ease your tensions.
Feel threatened? I have the way to protect you.
Feel anxious about the future? I have the way to calm you.
Feel oppressed? I have the way to lift you into the light.

All of it targeted eloquence to mollify the masses. All of it empty promises. All of it designed to win the day. Win the day but not win the future. For to win the future, reality must be addressed. Policy-of-action for candidates who not only want to become the President but ACT THE PRESIDENT is part of their campaign. Their rhetoric is backed by their plans for what must be done AFTER they become the POTUS.

The Donald has no such plans. That was never his plan from the start. All Drumpf wants to do is to win a contest, perform a stunt, bask in the limelight, stand in front of millions of people and feel like he still matters. That is The Donald’s plan. And in that he succeeded magnificently. Genius, absolute genius.


One thought on “Campaign = publicity stunt

  1. If the above comment is true — then perhaps, were The Donald to win, this intentional ability to manipulate millions of people might represent a high enough intelligence that the JOB of being the President could be quickly learned and not totally fucked up.

    But if. *** IF ***, the above is not remotely true? IF Drumpf has none of the conniving, shrewd capabilities this post assumes he possesses… IF Drumpf is truly the thin-skinned, bombastic, pompous fool he presents to the world then genius he is not. And dangerous megalomaniac he is.


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