Speaking vs Writing

I can’t talk and think. But, I can write and think. Hmm, maybe it’s the other way around…

I can’t think and talk but I can think and write. Yeah, that sounds better.

Anyway, I know people who can think while talking and they sound really intelligent. They can come up with ideas and elucidate those ideas and well, not sound like me when I try and think while talking. But I wonder about this breakdown. I seem to have the ability to hear myself speak, in my mind, while I write. But when I try to voice, like, out loud, such thoughts it’s like my brain shuts down. Why I wonder?

Could it be that the feedback of my actual spoken voice conflicts with my brain’s ability to both listen for information AND create information simultaneously?

I can listen very well. I can parse and evaluate people’s spoken words and drill straight into the nexus of those thoughts, what they mean and what the implications of those thoughts might be.

I make a very good interviewer. But asking short poignant questions is much different than being the target of those questions.

“So, what are your thoughts on the democratic process applied to resource distribution?”

“Sure, let me first take on the concept of what resource distribu…, feedback, feedback, feedback…”

What do you guys think? Could one’s own voice interfere with your brain’s processing of information? Forcing your brain to listen and speak at the same time? Are some people better at tuning this out? Or maybe they just suck at listening…?






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