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Self-organizing cabinet

How do you build a cabinet when you have no idea how to build a cabinet?

  1. Select the 10 most intelligent people you know.
  2. Have each of those 10 select 10 additional people.
  3. You now have between 50 and 110 people (hopefully many will be duplicates).
  4. Each person will be ranked by a composite factor of experience and education.
  5. Take the top N x 2 people (if you need 20 cabinet members, 20 x 2 = 40).
  6. Keep the remainder as alternates.
  7. Put all the selectees into a room and ask them to interview each other.
  8. Have each selectee rank everyone, but themselves, according to the N jobs that are to be filled.
  9. Compile this list into a single ranked sequence, per job.
  10. Take the top person ranked per job. Jobs will have to be ranked themselves (secretary of state is more important than liaison to the UN, etc.) so that if you have the same person picked for multiple jobs they can be assigned to the most important job.


Pretty much the group picked and organized the group. This nearly guarantees an accord among them, with the ability to get work done rather than mire in contention over every little thing.



Censors with matches

Your boss has thin skin. He just can’t take a joke. His whole persona focuses on how he thinks others perceive him. His personality twists narcissism and insecurity in a tempestuous entwining of vipers.

He has power over you. You have to watch what you say. You can never let down your guard. The most minute slight on his character will see you demoted or fired.

Working for this man is a living hell.

But worse. There are goings on in the business which you feel obligated to whistle blow. But you dare not. This boss of yours has instated a new policy of information suppression and rebuttal oppression.You can’t argue. You can’t voice your opposing opinion. You risk your livelihood entertaining the most meager of alternate arguments.

If you swim against the current you will be called out, kicked out and black listed.

He will see that you “never work in this town again.”

Your boss has started censoring information. He meets behind closed doors with cronies issuing mandated corrections to accusations. He proposes a zero tolerance policy of counter-beliefs. He and his cabinet starts to actively influence news outlets, controlling what they can or cannot print or say. He prohibits non-approved reporters from press conferences and those he does allow — all of their questions have been pre-vetted to avoid all embarrassment.

The age of the Censor has returned. Hide your matches.


“Our wonderful future V.P. Mike Pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of Hamilton, cameras blazing.This should not happen!”

“The Theater must always be a safe and special place.The cast of Hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, Mike Pence. Apologize!”

“The cast and producers of Hamilton, which I hear is highly overrated, should immediately apologize to Mike Pence for their terrible behavior”

“We’re losing a lot of people because of the internet,” Trump said. “We have to see Bill Gates and a lot of different people that really understand what’s happening. We have to talk to them about, maybe in certain areas, closing that internet up in some ways. Somebody will say, ‘Oh freedom of speech, freedom of speech.’ These are foolish people.”

The Oligarchs Win!

Q: What do the world’s oligarchs want?
This is a serious question. The answer is not what you would think.

A: The wealthiest individuals and families in the world rely upon the rabble, the bottom 99%, to be in constant turmoil. The commoners, you and I, should be focused on our meager, pitiable lives and the banal conflicts that occupy our limited horizons. “Fight amongst yourselves, you dogs, you.”

When the bottom 99% is occupied with infighting, with racial, misogynist, protectionist squabbles, the top 1% are free to plunder at will. Trump knows this.

Trump is no commoner.

Trump is an oligarch (if not in body, he is in mind).

The oligarchs of the world won when Trump was elected. He’s mastered the frenzied whipping of fears, the targeted escalation of hatreds — not of him, an oligarch — but of them, us. We. All of us. His cry was “us against them!” all over again. “Us?” Donald, you’re not an “us” or a “them.” You’re one of the puppeteers thinking to dangle and twang the strings of society — only to suit yourself and enrich your personal life.

Tens of millions of disenfranchised white male voters were right to get riled up! They were right to protest and cry out against the machine! The only problem is they picked the wrong adversary.

Imagine if all those pissed off people, from both sides of the aisle, actually got pointed in the right direction, pointed at our true opponents!

We are all fighting the battle, nay, the WAR, against the rich. It’s too bad all those Trump supporters were so easily led. Lied to and betrayed — unbeknownst to them — by their savior: Trump.

The oligarchs of the world rejoiced when The Donald was elected. “Yeah! More commoner skirmishes. More stirring of the dissatisfaction pot. More dissension among the footmen and footwomen.”

We ALL lose when the oligarchs win. And win they did.

OWH – Occupy White House – 2020



Feet to the fire

Trump is an enormous step backwards, to be sure.

The US has such bad candidates because all the good people refuse to be dragged over the coals of public humiliation and intentional character assassination. It’s not worth it. So only those damaged people who have either already been raked, or who have little to lose would ever volunteer to subject themselves to campaign torture. There’s no nobility in it. No rational thinking. No “high road”. Only deceitful manipulation of popular opinion.

Trump is a master of this.

But, there have been strange and unpleasant presidents in the past. He may be mild in comparison. One consolation is that because he is so conniving and duplicitous, all those boastful or outrageous intents he voiced — all puff and bluster. It was all to win a contest.

A “warrior for the common man”? Nonsense.
He will be, has already turned out to be in fact, a major supporter of the Corptocracy that we have now.

• Lobbyists will continue to rule Congress.
• Tax breaks will continue to be given to the rich.
• Social systems will shrink or be ignored.
• Infrastructure re-build-out? The construction industry is jumping for joy.
• Energy policy changes? The fossil fuel industry is screaming yeay!
• The military/industrial complex? “Belly up to the bar boys, it’s gonna be a sweet ride!”
• Wall-street containment? Bah! Who needs regulation, let the market make the decisions.

So, this trend, of the oligarchs ruling society, will only worsen. This is good, as this is the last time things will go their (right-wing conservatives) way.

After these next four years of business-as-usual, OWH will be the chant of 2020. Occupy the White House with “a Clear Vision in 2020 ” the battle cry.

And who knows, although the House must initiate impeachment process, if severe malfeasance is discovered in Trump’s past, we could see him sent from the White House to the Big House. He thought it was a big party. Little did he realize that now that he’s on the hot seat the world will be holding his feet to the fire. Here’s to hoping he gets burned.

Humanity is a mushroom

You’re all aware of the kingdom that is fungi which, in many cases, reveals itself as mushrooms. But mushrooms are just the last step in the growth stage that is mycelium. It’s mycelium that is the true creature, the organism that is a fungus. Mushrooms are the small fruiting nodes of a vast and long lived mycelium.

Mushrooms popup, often overnight, using the fuel and structure that the mycelium may have been building for months if not years.

Humanity, like mushrooms, are the fruit of animal evolution that has popped up, seemingly overnight (evolutionary speaking).

Here’s why this is an important analogy. Without the multi-billion year establishment of an immense base of evolutionary progress and of a multi-billion year process of oxygen generation and just as importantly, the deposition of enormous caches of easily harvested energy (fossil fuels), humanity, like mushrooms, would not have had the vast body, like mycelium, from which to spring forth.

Imagine an abbreviated story of humanity.

  • At 500my after accretion, cyanobacteria evolves and starts producing oxygen.
  • 500my later, life emerges from the sea and begins to evolve.
  • 500my later, life has evolved into all the myriad species we see today.
  • None of the extinctions occurred. All of the most efficient paths to evolving a sentient, environment manipulating being (humans) were taken and approximately one and a half billions years after Earth formed, humans evolved to where our own species (us) were about 100,000 years ago on our own planet.

Then what? Then humanity bumbles along as we did for 80,000 years.

If a Holocene equivalent period doesn’t show up, if ice ages, and volcanism continue to limit humanity’s expanse. If they don’t get a really-nice-window-of-pleasant-weather, they might never progress past a primitive but intelligent species.

But let’s say on this other Earth, a Holocene does arise. Humanity discovers and optimizes farming using grasses and draft animals. They figure out chemical reactions (soda, potash, lime) and build cities and sailing vessels. They progress, as a species and a society, up to about our own 1600ce. This agricultural based mushroom of humanity is small, low and not that impressive.

Then things change. There is no access to vast, nearly free energy sources. There is no coal, oil or natural gas. The technologically funded agricultural based population explosion never happens. No coal for textile mills or steam engines or steamships. No oil for autos, trucks, airplanes, ships, fertilizers. The mushroom that our human species spawned — through the leveraging of the massive quantities of fossil fuels — never happens for this other humanity.

BUT! Humanity is resilient, tenacious and creative. This other human set keeps at the growth of technology that we had, say, between 1400 and 1700. Within a few thousand years, this other humanity eventually discovers nuclear power, the silicon circuit, space travel, artificial intelligence, advanced medicine. It takes them much longer to do so but, if they survive all the plagues that will continue to befall them for the duration of their societal evolution, then they will get to where we are today — eventually.

AND, if they survive, might actually be wiser, more tolerant, more homogeneous a species than we will ever be.

Maybe our mushroom like explosion of technology and population is our down fall.

OR, maybe that is the ONLY WAY that a species like us can ever hope to evolve. To take the long road, without fossil fuels to spring us quickly from wood burning homesteads to colonizing Mars, would doom any species to extinction due to calamity.

Maybe intelligent sentience can only arise like we did, like a mushroom.