Feet to the fire

Trump is an enormous step backwards, to be sure.

The US has such bad candidates because all the good people refuse to be dragged over the coals of public humiliation and intentional character assassination. It’s not worth it. So only those damaged people who have either already been raked, or who have little to lose would ever volunteer to subject themselves to campaign torture. There’s no nobility in it. No rational thinking. No “high road”. Only deceitful manipulation of popular opinion.

Trump is a master of this.

But, there have been strange and unpleasant presidents in the past. He may be mild in comparison. One consolation is that because he is so conniving and duplicitous, all those boastful or outrageous intents he voiced — all puff and bluster. It was all to win a contest.

A “warrior for the common man”? Nonsense.
He will be, has already turned out to be in fact, a major supporter of the Corptocracy that we have now.

• Lobbyists will continue to rule Congress.
• Tax breaks will continue to be given to the rich.
• Social systems will shrink or be ignored.
• Infrastructure re-build-out? The construction industry is jumping for joy.
• Energy policy changes? The fossil fuel industry is screaming yeay!
• The military/industrial complex? “Belly up to the bar boys, it’s gonna be a sweet ride!”
• Wall-street containment? Bah! Who needs regulation, let the market make the decisions.

So, this trend, of the oligarchs ruling society, will only worsen. This is good, as this is the last time things will go their (right-wing conservatives) way.

After these next four years of business-as-usual, OWH will be the chant of 2020. Occupy the White House with “a Clear Vision in 2020 ” the battle cry.

And who knows, although the House must initiate impeachment process, if severe malfeasance is discovered in Trump’s past, we could see him sent from the White House to the Big House. He thought it was a big party. Little did he realize that now that he’s on the hot seat the world will be holding his feet to the fire. Here’s to hoping he gets burned.

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