The Oligarchs Win!

Q: What do the world’s oligarchs want?
This is a serious question. The answer is not what you would think.

A: The wealthiest individuals and families in the world rely upon the rabble, the bottom 99%, to be in constant turmoil. The commoners, you and I, should be focused on our meager, pitiable lives and the banal conflicts that occupy our limited horizons. “Fight amongst yourselves, you dogs, you.”

When the bottom 99% is occupied with infighting, with racial, misogynist, protectionist squabbles, the top 1% are free to plunder at will. Trump knows this.

Trump is no commoner.

Trump is an oligarch (if not in body, he is in mind).

The oligarchs of the world won when Trump was elected. He’s mastered the frenzied whipping of fears, the targeted escalation of hatreds — not of him, an oligarch — but of them, us. We. All of us. His cry was “us against them!” all over again. “Us?” Donald, you’re not an “us” or a “them.” You’re one of the puppeteers thinking to dangle and twang the strings of society — only to suit yourself and enrich your personal life.

Tens of millions of disenfranchised white male voters were right to get riled up! They were right to protest and cry out against the machine! The only problem is they picked the wrong adversary.

Imagine if all those pissed off people, from both sides of the aisle, actually got pointed in the right direction, pointed at our true opponents!

We are all fighting the battle, nay, the WAR, against the rich. It’s too bad all those Trump supporters were so easily led. Lied to and betrayed — unbeknownst to them — by their savior: Trump.

The oligarchs of the world rejoiced when The Donald was elected. “Yeah! More commoner skirmishes. More stirring of the dissatisfaction pot. More dissension among the footmen and footwomen.”

We ALL lose when the oligarchs win. And win they did.

OWH – Occupy White House – 2020



6 thoughts on “The Oligarchs Win!

  1. This is excellent news!

    If you want to incite a revolution — continue to repress the majority of the population.

    The Alt-Right had NO IDEA what they were actually doing. They thought they’d get change because of this buffoon. Oh Wait! They WILL get change because of this ID-10-T, only, not in the next four years… But in the next FIVE years…

    The US will become such an egalitarian backwoods nation people will truly be fighting for change come 2020. And I mean FIGHTING.

    Hey, oligarchy! We’re coming for you. Better hope your private police can protect you. Or you’ve got your helicopters fueled, engines warmed.



    “President Donald Trump is set to give America’s richest 1% an average annual tax cut of $214,000 when he takes office, while more than eight million families with children are expected to suffer financially under his proposed tax plan.

    On the eve of the election, Trump promised to “massively cut taxes for the middle class, the forgotten people, the forgotten men and women of this country, who built our country”. But independent expert analyses of Trump’s tax plan show that America’s millionaire and billionaire class will win big at the expense of struggling low- and middle-income people, who turned out in large numbers to help the real estate billionaire win the election.”


  3. “Trump is a plutocrat. Just like both Bushs, Reagan, and the Clintons. Trump is already back-peddling to get out from under all the outrageous nonsense he voiced to get elected, lies upon lies — to win a contest (he hates to lose).

    As a plutocrat he will be no worse or better than /nearly/ any president we’ve had before. He’ll kowtow to the rich, expand the revolving door of lobbyists and Congress, and fatten up the fossil fuel/military/industrial complex. Same ‘ol, same ‘ol.

    So, don’t get too wound up. Trump was just “in it to win it” and not “in it to govern”, and so, will be making sure his short four years heats up his own cash position (Go Trump Brand!). He’ll be gone either by impeachment or by just conscientious dismissal, (who can even listen to that buffoon speak – yuck!)”



    “He is right about that last part. No one holds Trump accountable, because he is exactly what he claimed to be railing against: an elite billionaire with no concern for the average person, a kleptocrat who enjoys taunting people less powerful than him with threats. When you have that kind of money, which Trump was given in birth and further gained through fraud, there are few limitations to the ways you can hurt people.”



    “Now, by a happy coincidence, the first 25 years of the postwar liberal order had maybe the best and most broadly-shared growth in all of human history. We built the UN to keep the peace, NATO to defend Europe, the IMF to help countries out of economic trouble, and a middle class that, if you were white, got the help it needed to own a home and go to college. And then it was over. Productivity growth stalled in the 1970s, and, at least in the United States, what economic growth there was overwhelmingly accrued to the top 1 percent in the 1980s and beyond. Part of this was due to Western workers having to compete with billions of Chinese, Indian, and Indonesian ones after the Berlin Wall came down. An even bigger part was good-paying jobs being automated into obsolescence. And the rest was policy—tax cuts for the rich, deunionization for the rest, and deregulation for Wall Street—which is why inflation-adjusted median incomes stagnated even more in the U.S. than in Europe.”


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