Popular + Electoral = Fair

Here’s a way to reconcile the voting in the U.S., combine the popular and electoral votes into a single number.

If for every 250,000 popular votes we award one electoral vote:
Drumpf: 251(pop)
Clinton: 263(pop)

Then we divide up the 538 electoral votes as they fall:
Drumpf: 306(ele)
Clinton: 232(ele)

What we get as a composite are:
Drumpf: 251(pop) + 306(ele) = 557
Clinton: 263(pop) + 232(ele) = 495

In this scenario Drumpf still wins. Which still sucks, yes.

But if Clinton had just won Florida and Montana, using this Popular + Electoral votes system:
Clinton: 527 WINNER!
Drumpf: 525

This is what would have happened in Gore vs Bush:
Bush: 201(pop) + 271 (ele) = 472
Gore: 204(pop) + 266 (ele) = 470

If Gore had one 1/2 million more votes, he would have won the 2000 election in this scenario.

This blending of popular and electoral votes doesn’t change any recent historic elections, but, it certainly provides for a better feeling towards losing. In this case your vote really DOES count — if only a little.



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