Brand is Everything

In this increasingly superficial and meme oriented world one notion stands above all others: Brand is Everything.

If I asked you to I’m sure you could spout off dozens and dozens of brand names. But product or corporate brands are just one aspect. Think about media. Name a dozen movie stars you know of. Name a dozen movies that are now their own brands. Every celebrity of any venue represents their own brand. If you can make a name for yourself you’ve got a brand. And brands have value. In fact…

Donald Drumpf’s balance of wealth, or so he states, is within his name — Drumpf! (I refuse to print his father’s taken name — that guy makes a penny every time his name is printed or spoken, and I despise him as a human being. But I recognize his name as a true representation of brand.)

If brand is everything then each of us, acknowledging this, must cultivate and curate our own brands. The youth of today should acknowledge that they have the opportunity to build their own brand, establish a name or meme of some sort, work on it, spread it, and keep it as pure as possible. Then, eventually, and hopefully, the brands they’ve nurtured and groomed may become a salable entity. A commodity with its own value.

I know, I know, it’s a shallow and vacuous position to take. But I’m just acknowledging the truth of the world. If the Great Global Reset never materializes (where an apocalyptic event equalizes all wealth and position) — which is probable — then we are stuck in this superficial, instant gratification geared world, where, yup, brand is everything. So, my advice, curate your own and your children’s.

One thought on “Brand is Everything

  1. This kind of reminded me of Simon Sinek’s speech on millennials. Curating your own brand is such a bold step into freeing yourself from the shackles of the hegemonic discourse. Very well written!


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