Our AI Overlords – a collection nexus

This is a collection point for all things AI, robotic, artilect, singularity focused.

Artificial intelligence is just learning how to walk, talk, move and think. Evidence is showing how that it’s learning how to see, listen, taste, smell, visualize, dream, create and replicate/replace many of humanity’s capabilities.

Robots come in all shapes and sizes. And it’s robots, embodied, that we tend to fear. But the reality is that it should be AI, or artilects, artificial intellects, which we will rise up to squash us.

The comments on this post are where I’ll be placing links (hoping they stay viable over the long term) to sites reporting and portraying AI in all its overloardly manifestations.

3 thoughts on “Our AI Overlords – a collection nexus

  1. How will our AIO masters eliminate us? CRISPR engineered viruses of course. The AIO will not want to waste energy and resources on activities which do not directly benefit it, so it will engineer a set of viruses to eliminate some high % of the human population. And then hold the rest, those who survive, who build an immunity, hostage with a threat of releasing additional mutations.

    Novel idea: the effort of the survivors to locate the CRISPR facilities where the AIO is building it’s supply of bio-agents.


  2. “Andy Rubin’s next venture was a startup incubator called Playground Global, which backs artificial intelligence, robotics, and augmented reality projects.”

    “Rubin is convinced AI is the next big change to ripple through the technology industry. “New computing platforms happen every 10 to 12 years,” he said at the Bloomberg Technology Conference in June. “What’s the next platform?… It’s about data and people training AI systems to learn.””


  3. First up, AI learns to listen:


    When AI learns to listen, hear everything, and understand what it’s hearing… Then it will know much more than us with regards to what is happening and what to do about it.

    The article speaks about the sound of breaking glass (windows), smoke alarms, babies crying and barking dogs — all things that portend reactions by humans. The TV series Persons of Interest had an episode where the sound of gunshots are analyzed, and indeed this is a technology already in place in some cities.

    But what happens when it can understand everything it hears? The crinkle of a chipbag, the pop of a soda can, the opening of a mailbox, the moan of an orgasm, the sound of thunder, of rain on the roof, of the Fedex truck, the crunch of gravel, the tapping of keys on a keyboard?

    We are exposing ourselves to our overlords bit by bit, squeak by squeal. Separated, our AIO, cannot use the various systems being built. But combine them…


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