Super Halftime Show Bowl

What about a whole event/venue of nothing but halftime shows?

It’s not that I dislike football so much as I utterly despise it. In fact, all organized games that result in mega-million paychecks for anybody playing in a game smacks, to me, of Colosseum gladiators and barbarian behaviors that humanity is reticent to abandon. I don’t care how refined the skills of these players become — whether the game be played with a ball, a puck, or a birdie (they’re games NOT sports mind you), being paid to play a game simply points out how basic and frivolous humans actually are.

Note, the skills of such people are often worthy of accolades and acknowledgement, the skills; but NOT the money. This is corporatism at one of its ugliest moments, creating elitists from honest attention to one’s craft, corrupting any and all who subscribe to the practice.

So, yeah, I detest corporate team games — the Super Bowl being the most distasteful.

However, the halftime shows, now those appear to be different creatures entirely. They require the teamwork of hundreds if not thousands, many who volunteer. They show true art and choreography. They elevate artists displaying tasteful amalgams of songs and technical contrivances that astound.

Halftime shows are entertaining.

So, screw football. Assemble five or seven popular music artists and hold a gala-halftime show. That would be way better than some lame, crude football game.


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