I’ve done everything I can

What happens when “you’ve done everything you can”?

As of this writing, every one of the abhorrent people Donald Drumpf has selected for his cabinet have been confirmed. Despite millions of dollars of time spent by Democrats to stymie the appointments — every one of them went through. And no doubt the remainder will proceed apace.

The Democrats in the Senate should have gone on vacation; gone to Rio or Bermuda or to party in Sydney. The result would have been the same. They knew going in they had a rat’s chance in a tent full of terriers of blocking any of the nominations. The only saving grace is the judicial branch finally standing up and going “Uh, I think we have a say in some of these ExecOrds that the Drumpf is tossing out like paper airplanes.”

And that’s at the top, the Senate. The epitome of our governing body.

What can WE possibly do down here? Protest? Whine in the streets?

Some will say the Democrats in the Senate put forth a solid effort. That all the protests — against the egregious ExecOrds that spontaneously organized and the MSM covered — had impact.


Not a god-damned-thing-changed because *Democrats or protestors*.

It’s abundantly clear what we have to do. The people in the Blue States have to infect the people in the Red States with enlightenment. Our ONLY recourse is to change the governing representatives at the CITY, COUNTY, STATE and FEDERAL levels. But not in our /already/ blue states! We have to change the governments and representatives in the BLEEDING RED STATES!

Whining in the streets in Seattle, SF, Portland or New York won’t do a fricking thing. We need to change the backwards, countryfied, ultra-religious, Luddites  who live in the RED states! We need to reach out and infiltrate and infect the Righteous Right with the Rational Left. Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Carolinas, and all the rest all need to realize the BIG-ASS MISTAKE they made by believing in the Orange Buffoon.

No shit inequality is stifling the country. No shit corporations are gouging the populace and controlling government. No shit that the economy benefits only the top 10% of society. No shit that corporate provided healthcare costs way too much. No shit that the financial industry doesn’t give two fucks about you or me or anyone with an income less that $100k. No shit that labor has been hobbled by the myths that a free market will provide for all. No shit that the military is an enormous drain on the US budget. No shit that the country’s infrastructure needs hundreds of billions of support (that could come from repatriation of foreign corporate profits).

It’s a shit world but the only way to change things is to change our government representatives. And the only way to do that is to get the RED states to see the light (and not the orange tinged dark that Drumpf sold them).

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