The four act Bond

How to write a thrilling story.

A typical Bond 007 style sequence:

(jeopardy + conflict + risk = penalty/reward) +
(jeopardy + conflict + risk = reward) +
(jeopardy + conflict + risk = penalty) +
big jeopardy + big conflict + big risk = final reward

Some family, data or city is in jeopardy.
Bond arrives and conflict ensues.
At a crux in the conflict Bond makes a rash decision:
He partially succeeds but must pay an unexpected price. (Bond is fallible.)

Some greater entity is at risk.
Bond, known to the villain, cat and mouses in conflict.
Bond, attempting to redeem his initial failure, takes a greater risk:
He succeeds to acclaim. (Bond is arrogant.)

Bond is now in jeopardy along with a state or country or system.
Villain escalates conflict with Bond and the system.
Bond risks yet again, with hubris from prior success:
He fails, loses almost all, humiliated. (Bond is humble.)

World is in peril now.
Bond fights not only villain but the system too.
Bond risks all in last ditch attempt to beat villain and justify prior actions:
He succeeds, world is saved, Bond is hero, villains beware. (Bond is resilient.)

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