Diabetics and the apocalypse

If you are diabetic, your chances of surviving for more than a month in the coming apocalypse are low to nil.

Thirty million people are diabetic in the United States. If any type of calamity occurs which destroys, suspends, or reduces the supply of insulin, their days are numbered.

From what I’ve read, most diabetics will enter DKA, Diabetic Ketoacidosis, within 48 to 96 hours. If your body can produce some insulin, then it may be possible to extend your after-insulin life by weeks or months by careful regulation of food intake. But in a disaster situation, such foods available may be the exact opposite that those your situation dictates.

An influenza pandemic, a coronal mass ejection, a “winter” of any origin (nuclear or asteroid or super volcano), or other cataclysm inducing event would likely hurt us all, but it’s poignant to realize that those who rely upon daily medication would be susceptible to greater harm due to loss of supplies.

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