Are you overwhelmed?

I’m overwhelmed.

Are you?

I’ll bet you six copper pennies in a can of Coke that you thought to yourself:
“You’re damned right I’m overwhelmed.”

But who wouldn’t be overwhelmed by today’s onslaught of pointless, blathering, necessary, important, useless, whimsical, inane, senseless, critical STUFF?



Alright, here we are, dealing with so much information, this constant inundation of news and memes and tropes and updates and “hey, look at my cute dog wearing Lady Gaga outfits” and the ice is melting faster than we thought and you need to try this new tech gizmo and, well, you get the picture. It’s too much. In fact…

It’s overwhelming. And not only that — hey, look at you reading this! Just one more thing you chose to do out of the tens of thousands of things you could be doing — yet you chose, for probably some faulty reason, to read this. Thanks. No really, I realize this is trite and utterly anonymous, but just know, I feel your pain. And you reading this, well, it’s a solid. Really.

And to pay you back here’s a picture of a porpoise doing a head stand on a trampoline floating in the Gulf of Mexico… Naw, I’m just joshin’ with you.

Now tell me this, wouldn’t you really (*really*) just like to have, perhaps 100-200 people you paid attention to. JUST THEM. ONLY THEM. Like they were your village, and you could do your thing, and they’d do theirs, and once or twice during the day you’d hook up with a few of them and say hi and how-ya-doin’ and later, in the evening, you and a bunch of them would walk down to the river, or the town square, or the communal pasture and just rest there, leaning on a fence post, sipping a beer, just chatting about the day and the people around you and the small corner of the world you live in? And that would be your day…

Wouldn’t that be nice? And by nice I mean better? Like WAY better than this pressure you feel every time you find yourself online, checking email(s), facebook, twitter, instagram, the news (ugh! the news), and all the tiny micro-shit that just keeps pounding on your consciousness?

The world invades our lives. It feels like ALL OF THE WORLD is now invading our lives. And I’m tired of it. I’m half disgusted, half encouraged, half enraged, half sympathetic — I’m pulled in dozens of ways. And I know you are too. And I wish I had an answer to assuage all of this anguish and stress and anxiety. But I’m sorry. I don’t. Here’s a video of a bunny sleeping with a fox in a kennel and aren’t they both darling?

Oh shit, I’m sorry. You see what I mean? This crap never ends. Well, here’s hoping I didn’t extend or heighten your level of angst. Because, you know, that would just add to my own exhaustion, and I’m already…

2 thoughts on “Are you overwhelmed?

  1. And you remind me of the flip side — in order to be heard, seen, recognized you can’t just write an OpEd once a month or so… “Oh Mary, did you see? Tammy wrote a nice article in the paper last month. I clipped it out and have it on my fridge. I just love it!”

    If you’re not producing at least once a day (* ONCE A DAY!? *) you’re sure to be forgotten. Who can keep up with that? Oh, it just exhausts me thinking about it.

    So, I don’t; think about it that is.

    I figure, if I build a corpus of my thoughts, in essay form, or short story form (I am, after all, the Anony(mous)Mole! and have a real identity — not to mention other netdonyms), then eventually, I’ll have this legacy that, if nothing more, will represent my personal trajectory. Which, if my kids ever take an interest, can look back and go “hmm, dad sure was a radical SOB wasn’t he?”
    (Dad? Did I say dad? Oh dear, my cover’s blown, YeeGads!)


  2. Yes! I agree. I actually got Google to fund a fellowship on a related subject once, which suggests even the people who are enabling this are suffering from it (actually, their employees are probably among those feeling the effects most acutely).

    As I try to put my own blog out there, I wonder from time to time whether I should bother. There’s too much noise out there already. But I’d also like to find those 100-200 people you mentioned, and even with my core group of family and friends, there are some spaces left. So I’m slowly adding to my Feedly feed other blogs that interest me (and trying to make it not a completely ideologically segregated filter bubble)….

    But yeah, it’s hard. This world we’ve created, it’s not necessarily what we would have chosen to aim at.


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