Sheesh, Capitalists!

“Here’s What Stocks You Want to Own in the Event of a War With North Korea”

What a load of aristocratic horse hockey! Cramer’s TheStreet is trying to tell you “Hey, here’s how to make money on the up coming end-of-the-world — get in now while you still have air to breathe!”

  • Do these people even realize how like human scum they are?
  • Is there a more despicable slice of humanity than capitalists?
  • Do capitalists even have souls?
  • What do you call 1,000,000 capitalists at the bottom of the sea?
    A good start. (an oldie but tasteless joke).
  • Are there conscientiousness capitalists? I guess… I’ve never met any. They “say” they are but most likely would read an article like that and, if it made sense, take financial advantage of the information.
  • Do I despise capitalists? No. Only those who own capital.


8 thoughts on “Sheesh, Capitalists!


    “Sears Is About to Take Its Last Gasp – Here’s How You’ll Profit
    by Shah Gilani

    Unless there really is a Santa Claus, Sears Holdings Corp. (NASDAQ: SHLD) is going to seek bankruptcy protection.

    It’s only a matter of time. And that time is running out, quickly.

    Billionaire hedgie Eddie Lampert, who besides running his namesake ESL Investments fund also runs Sears Holdings as its chairman and CEO, just put another $200 million into Sears last month.

    That brings his Fund’s helping hand, I mean handout, to a tad more than $2 billion!

    Poor Sears was once the Amazon of its day. Now, it’s not only a dinosaur; it’s already dead.

    We’re going to do a little grave dancing before the obituary arrives.”


  2. Hi A. Mole,

    I can see that you have a keen sense of economics and social policy. And as No Country for Old Men likes to say, “Well done.” Here are three things I know: 1) If university economics professors won’t even allow one to discuss the possibility that relative inequality might be obviated, then obviously there will always be inequality. Of course a world without inequality would probably require heads to be bolted to tables. 2) Price is subjective. This was quite a revelation for me during my communist period.
    Subjective price blows everything Marx said about objective valuation of labor and capital: a twisted assumption which continually bogged the whole thing down and led to the dreaded “Planned Economy” and millions of deaths. 3) Since all economic practice goes through stages, then perhaps some new stage of a world economic order might be bubbling up somewhere. If I know anything it is that the future is impossible to predict. Maybe instead of destroying us, technology will save us, but again it would probably require our heads to be bolted to tables. Oh well, WTF. Convert led me here and I want to say there is another guy hanging around. If you don’t know, his name is Joseph Suglia, and he is the self-proclaimed “Greatest Writer on Earth”. Here is something he is working on and he has an odd mind and is often a hoot in that ratified Parisian sort of way. Thanks and for what it is worth, I like your writing. It is relevant and pithy. Makes sense to me. Duke

    The Sug is out there…

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    1. Were I able to pen my own literary efforts as well as you I dare say I’d have a solid chance at publishing some of my stuff. I find myself envious of your skill. Which, on the whole, may work out well as I try and emulate authors like yourself (while not losing my own voice in the process.)
      I have other locations on the net in which I have started building a corpus, with the intent to have it support my vast readership someday (exaggerated eye roll here).
      Thanks for your compliment.


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