We could just stop

Let’s face it.

We could just stop producing more media — right now — and live on what we have produced, to date, for a decade or more.

The exabytes of information humanity produces every day is beyond comprehension. Millions of information workers, millions of journalists and writers and videographers and artists and producers of digital entertainment all grind out SO MUCH STUFF that we, none of us, nobody on the earth, can possibly keep up.

We could all STOP right here and just read hundreds of thousands of blogs, articles, op-eds, novels, stories, etc,  for years before we started to go dry.

We could all go back and watch all the movies and television we’ve missed. All the studies and exposes and all the art we’ve skipped.


4 thoughts on “We could just stop

    1. Great find. Thanks. There is one thing about writing, thus far, that I’ve learned above all else: craft, craft, craft. Even if your plot has holes, like a bamboo spaceship, if your craft is good, someone will enjoy reading it. And THAT, that is the key. If just ONE person enjoys reading your story — you win!

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