Socializing: net vs f2f


  • Almost None : None!
  • Somewhat: Some of the answers (2)
  • Quite a bit: Quite a bit of the answers (4)
  • Nearly All: Not nearly all (1)

A paltry turn out, but then again, expectations were low to start with. Perhaps other polls would do better, like change from 10 years ago? Or are you saddened, or elated by this shift to online socialization?

Here’s a question for everyone:

How much has internet socializing replaced your socializing face to face?

Answer the poll here:

I’ll tabulate the results and collect other sources when we’re done in a few days.

10 thoughts on “Socializing: net vs f2f

  1. Yes, I think the estimate is something like 5 billion web pages at any given time on the internet. 15 million books for sale on Amazon. Social media is an enormous time suck and like a former friend used to say, “Life is what happens when you are not on the computer.” Unfortunately, I think that sentiment will soon be gone from our collective mindset, since, you know, our collective mindset is rapidly being replaced by the internet.

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  2. Got kicked off Twitter and then reinstated and then fucking hell got kicked off again and never found out why. Ha. Anyway, my answer is “quite a bit” but it has to do with book marketing and the odd virtual communication that strays into flirting. Another Ha, maybe two Ha’s. I do think that eventually virtual relationships will almost totally replace human interactions. Just a feeling about the way technology is growing while the natural world is dying. War could either stop the whole thing or accelerate the process. Thanks. Duke

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    1. The more I write the more I realize that writing is not the half of it. Barely a tenth of it, or so it would seem.
      The rest, as you say, is marketing, connections, sticky-eyeballs glued to pingpong paddles. I consider this aspect of it and think — this may be my undoing. The words come but how can they possibly compete with the literally billions produced daily?


  3. The thing is, for many it doesn’t “replace” it is just the way it is done and they know no different. After my childhood I wasn’t much of a face-to-face socialiser and the internet just became the way for me.

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    1. All for George, and “replace what?” for Brian. I’m in both camps. I’m probably more social than I’ve ever been (50+ years). Maybe that’s a better way to look at the phenomena: Replaced, augmented, or created anew your social life?


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