Celebrity Responsibility

Do celebrities have a moral responsibility to hold themselves to a higher standard?

If you became a celebrity (maybe you already are?) do you believe you would feel compelled to treat your new found social station in a more responsible fashion? Knowing people may be both viewing you in a new light, yes, a somewhat judgemental light, but a light that shines much further than others around you, will you try harder? Try harder to be good? To present a benevolent role model? Acknowledge your power of influence and realize you could squander it or use it to make the world a little bit better?

Do such thoughts enter into the minds of celebrities? And when I say celebrity I mean anyone in the spotlight — for an extended period — media personalities, sports stars, politicians, the wealthy.

Should such people, whether they admit it or not, accept they the have a responsibility to the public? They do have this power — we all realize this. But do the balance of them accept this power and wield it ethically?

Would you?

9 thoughts on “Celebrity Responsibility

  1. Great article.
    I totally agree with the fact that a celebrity (whatever that may mean in today’s world) should be slightly wiser than average joes. They should take more time to speak or to make a decision. They are in the spotlight. Our eyes are on them, waiting for their moves.
    However, I disagree with the last paragraph. What kind of responsibility?

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  2. Charles Barkley: “I don’t get paid to be anyone’s role model. I get paid to play basketball…”
    So, no…I would not pretend to be someone I was not to please the media…and thus the public.

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    1. I’d probably waffle between indignation at having anyone think I should be held to a higher standard and admitting that society made me famous and so, owe it to society to help lead it in some minuscule way.

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