Societas absurdum

At what point does society become absurd?

Humans need water, food, clothing, housing to survive. But today, for some reason, (Boredom? Compressed competition? Neurosis?) society has fixated on the most absurd quasi-competitions. And I’m assuming it is a competition of sorts. And all of it results in the most absurd behavior.

  • Cuisine is absurd.
  • Fashion, absurd.
  • Home decor, absurd.
  • Rarefied water, absurd.

When an entire media network has dedicated itself to absurd food fetishes (Food Network) society must have devolved into some backwards image of itself, some alt-universe, twisted mirror vision where Bobby Flay must pull the hair from Guy Fieri’s head while stirring a omelet made from Rachael Rae’s and Giada De Laurentiis’ peeled facial masks. (Eww!)

Here’s a suck omelet. It’s food. Eat it for cripes sake!


No, no, no. It must be a savory, delicate fold of creamy eggs and chives. To eat an omelet any other way would be barbarous! Heathens! Ovum Infidels!


Fashion? Hell, this has been absurd for centuries. Why? It must have to do with $$$ (but certainly not MY $$$ — I haven’t spent money on clothing for years). Maybe it’s what the Absurdly Rich do with their Absurd Billions.

What are we now, New Guinea Birds of Paradise competing for the three remaining females (or males) on the island?




Home decor — oy vey! Like the world needs more bizarre sculpture, furniture, fixtures, lighting, stairways, fireplaces, brickwork, aluminum windows and indoor topiaries. If it’s art — that’s OK. But if it’s edgy for the sake of being edgy…

Sheesh! Would you want to try and relax in this prison?




Society has become absurd has it not?

What is the cure for this absurdity? I know, but I’m not telling. Alright, ow, that hurt! Society needs to have its priorities reset. How? GLOBAL CATACLYSMIC DISASTER of course.





5 thoughts on “Societas absurdum

  1. “GLOBAL CATACLYSMIC DISASTER of course.” Well, maybe. Except if it would destroy the Victoria Secret Model. However, I must ask…what is NOT absurd? Is politics absurd? The illusion of money absurd? It is all absurd! However, a return to dystopia would bring back that primal instinct of survival, making life NOT absurd! Correct?

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    1. There was a TED talk I think I posted on Dr. Martina’s blog, it was an existential topic I believe, regardless, the presenter said “The Universe is absurd” at some point. And I thought “exactly!”
      So, you’re right as far as I’m concerned, everything is absurd.
      I suppose I wanted to point this out (to myself mostly — these things always end up being me writing to myself) that with all the “un-absurd” issues and problems in the world that need focus/work/solving, humanity sure spends a hell-a-time wasting it on the ludicrously absurd.

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      1. David Cassidy’s last words were “so much wasted time.” Makes me wonder what is NOT a waste of time, just as I wonder what is NOT absurd. I’dda thought you would have already known the Universe was absurd. The Victoria Secret Model? Not absurd. My DNA is activated to reproduce and I can’t override that message! LOL!

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        1. If the universe is absurd, and it is, then perhaps NOT being absurd is the exception. I think, more and more, Stoicism is the only way forward. The only power one truly possesses is over the thoughts we think and how we react to the world. Choosing absurdity, intentionally, well, why not?
          The troubles the rational mind encounters in such a world, and then tries to reason out, may indeed be an act that is the most absurd of all.

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      2. By the way, this entire absurd conversations reminds me of a quote from Milton: “Do what you will. The Universe is a fiction surrounded by contradiction.” Paradise lost. Quote may exact, may be a little off. But you get the idea.

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