From an elevated position

I stand before you. No.

I stand above you (on my soapbox) so that not only will I be seen and heard more clearly, but because of this, due to my elevated position (and by association — status), my opinion, ergo my “facts”, will carry more weight than yours.


Blogs are soapboxes are they not? And everybody has a bog, I mean box, I mean blog. And from OUR blogs, WE get to pronounce, with assumed authority, things which we feel are true, or not, good, or not, or beliefs about any number of attributes about society and the world. We get to postulate and pontificate adnauseum. This is, after all, my box, er, blog — and what I say, goes.

But what about counter-argument invaders? This is my house and you will NOT tell me how to think in my house!

Do we behave like this? Do we believe that because we’re speaking from our own private corner of the web that we possess a sense of authority where none actually (may) exist?

And, what’s more important, do we take offense when someone, uninvited or welcomed, enjoins us in discussion and refutes anything or everything we say?

“How dare you tell me that a blog is NOT a soapbox! I demand you retract that statement else face pistols at dawn!”

Do you feel a sense of ownership over your blog and the facts (or falsities) you peddle there? And do you feel slighted when someone contests some notion of yours?

Please, someone, knock me off this damnable soapbox on which I stand.

Go on! I dare ya!




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