Tomorrow’s swill

The internet is like tomorrow’s swill.

There used to be a comic called The Wizard of Id, and I used to read it often enough to have memorized some of the panel sets. One of them sticks out in my mind. The dungeon guard is delivering a meal. He hands a bowl to a prisoner (maybe the prisoner) and the prisoner speaks up. “This swill tastes funny.” The guard takes it back, gives it a taste and says “Of course this swill tastes funny. This is tomorrow’s swill.”

That is what we have to live with. That is our internet nourishment these days. What you read today, what you gasped at or marveled at or cast aside as today’s entertainment, we’ll be re-stewing at tomorrow’s swill of content, maybe bringing last weeks or last years memes in for spice, and then serving it to you as if it was haute cuisine.

And you’ll lift the bowl, sniff it, sip it and think to yourself, this internet info-tripe tastes funny.


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