A little advice

Let me give you a little advice: Don’t take my advice.

The prophet who fishes profits from fishing, fish or no fish.

It’s not that the glass is half full or half empty nor half again too large, it’s that you’re slow — because mine needs a refill already. Bottoms up.

What do they call an inchworm in Europe?

What would a black hole see in a mirror?

The sky is blue because it’s holding all our breaths.

Winnie the Pooh and a pirate are walking through the 100 Acre Wood. Winnie looks up and with a soft pout says, “It’s a rather blustery day.”
“Aye, a right tempest,” replies the pirate.
“Tut, tut, it looks like rain,” says Pooh then.
“Aye, a squall be brewin’.”
“Would you care for some honey?”
“A glorious pot o’ gold would do me wonders.”
“Will you be staying with us long?” asks the stuffed bear.
“I’ll shove off as soon as I find me oar.”
“Me oar.”
“He’s not much of a sailor, I would think. He’s missing the holdy parts,” says Pooh.
“The holy parts on me oar?”
“Yes, missing,” confirms Pooh.
The pirate looks down at the cuddly bear, Pooh’s red shirt failing to cover even half of his belly. The grizzled pirate reaches down and picks him up and stares at the bear with his one good eye. “I have to patch me sail too. There an awl about?”

[Sorry, this went no where fast. I may dream of Black Beard and Piglet tonight however, or Johnny Depp and Rabbit. I did warn you…]


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