A day in the life of

Your content stays fresh for about 24 hours. And then it goes stale.

Stale content reeks, like a goldfish in a bag, shoved into the heat register, for a month.


“My god! What IS that smell?” Oh, it’s last week’s blog post.

Are we so enamored with the hot, the new, the topical that we absolutely refuse to look back into the past for content?

OK, here’s a test. Most of us here on WordPress have been doing this for more than six months. Some, for a few years. Hell, some for nearly a decade. Have you EVER gone back to some blogger’s earlier content and done more than a cursory examination? Click, click, click — I’m done reviewing history. What’s new? What have you written lately?

A blog post might last for twenty-four hours. Might. If you’re working instagram these days then a new image might only net you three, maybe five hours, before you had better-damn-well-submit-something-new!

Good god! Are we so accustomed to the availability of fresh that we can’t even deal with a half-day old post?

Yes. This is the way of the content driven web today. “That meme is so thirty minutes ago, egads, why are you even showing it to me?”

A day in the life of a writer, a videographer, a creator of any kind, it no longer a day. It’s an hour, a minute. We have grown so inured to the availability of “new” that we have no appreciation for true effort, for true art. Your trope is worth maybe five seconds of my time. Ten times that if it’s really good.



2 thoughts on “A day in the life of

  1. I’m glad I caught this when I did; by morning it could be pretty ripe. 😉

    But, you’re right. I’ve thought of it myself. I go back and read my old stuff, and I like what I see, but I’m another self-serving sapiens with a good mirror and a narcissistic streak. I have read old content, by others, that has sparked my interest, though. Stuff that stayed fresh. Paul writes some great, old stuff. I’m willing to bet you do, too.

    Glad I stumbled in.

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