Holiday songs

I wrote a few songs and posted them last year. I share them again here.

Note, these are the lyrics to what never became songs. So, they’re tuneless. If you know someone with musical talent and they’d like to write the music… Feel free to share.

And because I’d rather not just repeat myself, I’ll tap out a new one…

~~~ Christmas Boxes ~~~

From the boxes in the basement,
from the attic, from the shelves,
come the treasures, and the trinkets,
of past Santa’s Christmas elves.

There are lights all snarled and tangled,
balls and baubles, and tinsel tied,
the colored candles and tarnished holders,
from last Christmas, stowed with pride.

And this box here, the one with ribbons,
has the snow globes, Rudolph dear,
but one has leaked, its glitter powdered,
we’ll get a new one, and shed no tears.

There at the bottom, a color riot,
ornaments both gay and calm,
with photos faded, and pasta mated,
a poem penned, a phrase, a psalm.

All of theses boxes, taped and beaten,
contain our memories, our stockings too,
Unpack the holiday, our decorations,
Happy Christmas from me to you.

6 thoughts on “Holiday songs

  1. The four chords of Rock n Roll and they can be any song you want.

    What? Sometimes words have more than one meaning? OMG, tell me it’s not true! Next you’ll tell me there’s no Stairway to Heaven and Led Zeppelin was a German Philospher!

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    1. I know, but I’ve mentioned this before, right? Gay is a great word. I’d like to be gay and happy but alas, I’m saddled with a morose sense of inescapable doom.
      And I’m tired of groups and people absconding words for their sole use. All those single word names, what, I can’t use the word Pink or Sting, or Moby or Madonna, or Prince or Sinbad because these people have “claimed” those words as their own. Nonsense! The same goes for words like gay.

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    1. And yet there are other Christmas songs with ‘gay’ in it that are just fine. It’s almost as if words have more than one meaning πŸ€” πŸ˜‰

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