Rhymes with snot

Poetry seems to be overtly evident in my net sphere lately. I happened upon this diddy I wrote many years ago.

Tissue tidbits

The little boy who blows his nose,
and looks to see the prize,
what does he think that he will find,
there before his eyes?

A fish, a frog, a flying bug?
Amazing sights no doubt.
More likely just a slimey slug,
at least he got it out.

And spiders would be really nasty,
crawling on the napkin.
While fairies might be fun and funny,
pixie wings a flappin’.

On the low list, speckled blood,
and brains would be unpleasant.
But small change would be nice to find,
or a fiver or a pheasant.

4 thoughts on “Rhymes with snot

  1. Memories and flashbacks! I was that kid that blew snot and looked! I never asked myself what I expected to find…so thinking back…can’t remember why I opened the tissue in the first place!? Not really a memory I would sit and meditate on…and hey doppelganger, drop by my latest post! Cya!

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  2. Old stuff is always a curiosity. On one hand, the tempatation is there to get after it with the editor hat, and on the other, they say what you meant them to say when you wrote them. way to go. I put up an ancient bit, added a couple of lines, left the rest alone. They are what they are!

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    1. I may have to photo journal my actual journals, just to get them handy for my fingertips. Ideas galore, and strange to-boot. Some notes written and never viewed again. Like the family home video – recorded – converted to DVD and never watched. Hours of the stuff. I have no idea what on them — and I recorded them all.


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