The Content Economy: update

In the spirit of full disclosure the following sites/services were found which may or may not apply to this concept of the Content Economy.

Some strange ones:

Wikipedia has a minimalistic post on the topic:

Unfortunately, none of these so called micropayment solutions address the situation in a way that makes sense; which is, to allow content economy participants to both earn and spend from the same account. These solutions get close. But they miss the one massive, all important piece of the puzzle: content consumers are contributors too.

We’re all creator/consumers.

Any real solution should all have a single account into which payments can accrue. And from which payments can be distributed.


Additional article on the topic, but one that uses blockchain technology (something I don’t see as being necessary for the Content Economy to flourish):

6 thoughts on “The Content Economy: update


    “If Amazon created its own cryptocurrency they could spread its use across their many services: from Amazon Prime, to Twitch, to Audible, allowing consumers to easily transfer funds within the Amazon ecosystem. They could outcompete any other cryptocurrency and entice mainstream adoption by offering a 5% or 10% discount on purchases made with AmazonCoin. With tens of thousands of developers and high paying salaries it could find the technical talent to design a coin that outpaces bitcoin when it comes to scaling and privacy concerns.
    This is the most dangerous scenario for bitcoin but it relies on Amazon taking a major leap into a field it has so far avoided.”


  2. Y’all think too much. What we need is a global economy where, when things like Greece go bankrupt, they are absorbed by an entity who will pay off a percentage of their bills, stop taking thier gift cards like a Radio Shack deal and change their currency. A global currency model. Like Monopoly, on a globe. Then Gates and Trump and FaceBook can run things with their money. Which is actually our money. I think. This is making my head hurt.

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