Shadow Shoals 1.4

Another 4k words. About a 15 minute read time. The story sits at 14k words now which is about 1/6 of a novel. The characters are established. Time to speed up the clock, heal, collect ourselves and jump into the next conflict.

Shadow Shoals 1.4:



4 thoughts on “Shadow Shoals 1.4

  1. Waiting for your comment on my latest post…”bla bla proof of God.” I’m getting record hits and I’m quite excited. (It that is something truly to get excited about.) I was explaining to someone why I blog, and my response was: “It gives me the illusion I have friends.” I thought you’d like that comment. True, too. How are you doing replacing the thought of “DEATH” with “SUCCESS”???

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    1. > It gives me the illusion I have friends.
      Without a doubt. I mirror that sentiment exactly.

      I’ve segregated my sociality to fall on certain hours of the day (else I was getting little work done.) So, my response times will vary.

      The word substitution is intact. Truth be told I’d started the process a week earlier, but with the word “Peace” rather than “Success”. But, on reconsideration, I thought that what would be more peaceful than death. So I figured I’d better change the word.
      I’m pleased that the injection of the substitution word was so easy. Maybe that’s because I was thinking of death so damn often, The fallout, though, has yet to be felt; that of thinking of success instead of death. I’m guessing the process will take months, if ever.

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