Would you rather…

Would you rather:

  1. Have your vision expanded to see in infrared or ultraviolet?
  2. At any time, once a day, be able to levitate one foot high and float at will for one hour, or fly as high as you like for one minute?
  3. For one day of the year, be given Harry Potter magic or Cassandra prophetic vision?
  4. Be President of the 2000’s United States for a year, or King/Queen of 1600’s England for a year?
  5. Die in poor health at 150 or die in perfect health of the most tumultuous orgasm any human has ever had at age 50?
  6. Play poker with Albert Einstein or Richard Feynman?
  7. Wake up in a pool of blood surrounded by dead baby goats, or dead baby deer.
  8. Have lunch with Judy Garland or Audrey Hepburn?
  9. Lose an arm-wrestling match with Arnold Schwarzenegger or The Hulk?
  10. Fall asleep reading about the zombie apocalypse or watching The Simpsons?
  11. Be 10% happier or live 10% longer?

9 thoughts on “Would you rather…

  1. 1. IR. The utility of infrared is too much to pass up vs the beauty of of UV.
    2. To soar. Levitation’s more useful, yet to fly? I have had too many flying dreams not to want this one. Tough one though.
    3. Prophesy. Magic is wondrous, but prophesy could make you rich.
    4. King (despite the lack of indoor toilets). Prez has too many constraints. King? Off with her head!
    5. 150. I have a yearn, even as a decrepit, to see how the future unfolds (if only for a few more years.)
    6. Feynman. He’d be way more challenging, a bit snarky, but I’m sure I’d learn a lot. Einstein I see as being too kind.
    7. Goats. Yum. Although venison is tasty too.
    8. Garland. She’d be more fun and crazy I think. Hepburn would be a downer though more interesting.
    9. Arnold. With the Hulk it’d be one and done and see’ya. Hangin’ with Arnie would be a blast while it lasted.
    10. Reading Zombies. (Should have picked something besides Simpsons for that question.)
    11. Longer. (Here in about 5 months I’ll be happy enough [grin].)


  2. 1. Ultraviolet.
    2. Fly high.
    3. Harry Potter magic.
    4. POTUS.
    5. Poor health at 150.
    6. Einstein.
    7. Wake up in a pool of blood surrounded by baby goats.
    8. Wake up in a pool of blood surrounded by baby goats.
    9. Arnie. Hulk would pulverize it. Though I’d rather meet Hulk.
    10. Reading over watching in that instance, every time.
    11. Longer, always longer.

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    1. Hi A Mole,

      If I remember correctly Deckard, a cop and administrator of the test, couldn’t pass it. Where does that put you? I got into it once with one of those “talk to god” sites. Pretty good algorithms, but I declared myself the winner when it finally got confused on a medium length cause and effect loop. Also, it was a bit pervy. Which makes sense.
      Thanks. Duke

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  3. Levitate. If we get either/or for any of the rest, Hepburn, Arnie, Albert, Potter, I don’t do zombies or the Simpsons or politics but indoor plumbing would “trump” the prez or King thing. Happier, no dead animals. I’m past 50 so “screw” that one. I left out a few. iPad, you know?

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  4. If we only get one it would be 10% happier since that implies either the quality or quantity of one’s positive experiences would increase. But then it also might mean that our unhappy events are 10% less unhappy, which is okay, but not as exciting as the first outcomes. Still, anyway you cut it 10% happier is good for a lifetime. Not bad! Thanks. Duke

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