Suffer the fools: Sarresh & Gor

Sarresh & Gor because I’m addicted to writing (but I still suck at it so until I get better I need to practice and vent — and you’re the foolish, unwitting souls on whom I’ll cast my tepid pages.)

6 thoughts on “Suffer the fools: Sarresh & Gor

  1. I don’t get the courage aspect. Write. Duh. That web page reads like the manual for my bluetooth headphones. Money to make the whole world feel like A human. No thanks.

    Barnum said there was a sucker born every minute. There’s a cat with their hand out born every 12 seconds looking for Barnum’s sucker .

    “What she was doing there, perched atop the peak of the priory knave, she would never tell.” Okay. Just because I’m a jerk, but you know that…what is it with the speed bumps? There and perched are redundant markers. Read that out loud. Kill “there” and the comma, read it again. That sentence is like watching and old school slip on the banana pratfall. Writing is one thing. Working at it is part two. We have a choice when we write not to commit the follies of the real world.

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    1. Foreshadowing…?

      “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”
      Practice, get flailed by Mr. Phil, practice, get flailed…

      Eventually, and this is my hope, I’ll be able to squeeze out narrative that is, on first glance, passable. And I’m sure I won’t get there without the help of brutal honesty – a thing I intentionally request from all. Thanks Phil.


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