What is wrong with us?

Humanity must be pretty god-damned-fucked-up to continuously have to defend its very existence at this stage of the game.

Instead of everyone of us directing our waking moments to solving the galactic and universal issues that constrain our species — you know — those that say, “hey, humans, you’re just a puny single orb-locked species destined to die in your next planet’s apocalyptic episode” — we’re trying to kill each other.

Or maim, wound, suppress, disparage, constrict each other.

Fuck! What are we but beasts mimicking a real galactic species. “Oh, we can be that, damn right we can. We can be all that ‘higher being’, that which strives for our greater angels.”

Bullshit! We’re just primitive fuck-ups posing as a higher species.

If we were TRULY the beings that we could be, we would NOT be spending time on figuring out why we allow aberrations of our kind to enact the damage and mayhem that they do. We would be seeking out the truth of the universe. Every single one of us should be involved in pursuing excellence in our species and how we can blossom and seed the galaxy.

Instead, we’re seeking why so many of us die at the hands of our sisters and brothers.

We are so fucked up. We really are. Pathetic is the word.

And, the saddest part of all this, is that there are no superior beings in existence who will descend from on high and direct our lesser selves, explaining why we are broken and how we can mend ourselves. No. Those “on high”s don’t exist. We’re it.
We. Are. Those. Greater. Beings.

And that? That is majorly fucked up.

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