I give you ONE wish

Here are the rules:

You get one wish.

It will come true the moment you utter the sealing spell “that is my wish.”

It must be specific, that is, enactable by an omnipotent being (me). Meaning, it cannot be vague, “I wish for world peace.” (What would that mean? And how would any omniscient, omnipotent being apply that to the Universe?)

It can apply to any era in the history of the Universe; to any aspect of existence, any land, sea, creature, peoples or culture.


For thought fodder here are a few that you might consider. If multiple folks pick similar wishes then I’m sure they will eventually come true. (OK, this might not be possible, but, hey, we’re all living in a material, I mean, virtual world, right?)

  1. I wish that the physics of matter made it impossible for life to evolve.
  2. I wish that altruism balanced aggression in the natural order.
  3. I wish all planets that could harbor life, did harbor life.
  4. I wish that humanity was not alone in the universe and that we would discover this tomorrow.
  5. I wish that telekinetic power was possible.
  6. I wish unicorns existed today.
  7. And elves, flying dragons, 2nd law of thermodynamics defying physics existed too.



6 thoughts on “I give you ONE wish

  1. Telekinetic power IS possible, we just don’t ‘get it’ yet. Number 7 is spelled “DISNEY”.
    I wish climbing into the sandbox to play with adults could like when we were kids. Before, as my friend Jackson said, “Girls got boobs and everything went to hell.”

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    1. I have a neighbor friend who reflected just this morning on the fascination of small children with the natural world. Without adult constraints, and worries, his 20 month old grandson was fully unconscious of his behavior and enraptured with his environment. My neighbor wanted to be like him. (The prompt was Michael Pollan’s new book about LSD and other psychedelics.)

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      1. Shrinks have finally figured out that blowing out the cobwebs is one of the best things for “depression”. No shit. You watch your hand walk off the end of your arm, hide from an airconditioner vent because you believe it has teeth, laugh at a wheel of cheese and a cop, watch cigarettes dance across your dashboard you learn about significance in a way the great mountain ranges only hint at. Plus, you know all that shit is in your mind and we spend an inordinate amount of time cluttering it up with cultural speedbumps. Hey, I was destined for great things with a country club hostess and I dropped out and turned into a synthesizer guy. I know where the sandbox is. Adults just have too many adult hangups and fears and paranoia to get in and play like their baggage was as weightless as it really is.

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