I am Crow

I am Crow.

Like you, I am Omnivore.

Like you, I wonder at the Universe.

I plan and scheme and take what I can, when I can.

I dance and dodge from your wheels, your threats.

Still I survive. I cock my head and caw at your fist in the air.

But I take no notice of you. Opportunity is all you provide, seldom and resentful.

You attempt your deceits while I fly from you and all you pretend to control.

I laugh, I cry, I lament my losses, my failures.

Yet I can spread my wings and lift into the wind, soaring out of your reach, your sight.

While you languish, trapped, chained to the ground.

I am Crow.

You will never be Crow.

5 thoughts on “I am Crow

  1. Hi Amole,

    Long time no see…so I got out my crow poem and it wasn’t very good. Too obscure. Why are we attracted to crows? Is it because they are so unforgiving? Or is it because of the crow religion that enters our minds late at night? I’m thinking the latter and Poe knew all about it, using their claws to write. Going with them where there was weakness and death. I feel like Marlon Brando tonight and your poem has chained me to the ground. I’m pulling against the lock, thinking about the Pacific. I think Brando always wanted to be a crow. He certainly acted like one, which, you know, is hard to do particularly when you’re sticking butter up somebody’s ass. Thanks. Duke

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  2. And that’s a good thing. You would be a good one to spreadsheet the biblical contradictions. Look before you leap/put your trust in god. Waste not want not/the birds of the sky don’t worry…we are endowed with ability to be completely free, but that control mechanism fucks it all up. Here you go-

    I have always believed that all things depended upon Fortune, and nothing upon ourselves.
    – Lord Byron

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