I am Crow

I am Crow.

Like you I am Omnivore.

Like you I wonder at the Universe.

I plan and scheme and take when I can, what I can.

I dance and dodge from your wheels, your threats.

Still I survive. I cock my head and caw at your fist in the air.

But I take no notice of you. Opportunity is all you provide, seldom and resentful.

You attempt your deceits while I fly from you and all you pretend to control.

I laugh, I cry, I lament my losses, my failures.

Yet I can spread my wings and lift into the wind, soaring out of your reach, your sight.

While you languish, trapped, chained to the ground.

I am Crow.

You will never be Crow.

3 responses to “I am Crow

  • George F.

    AM: personal note: fantastic editing job and, yes, you can teach me a thing or two!! I really don’t know the appropriate response except for a big hardy thanks!!

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  • George F.

    I am crow. I loved it!


  • Phil Huston

    And that’s a good thing. You would be a good one to spreadsheet the biblical contradictions. Look before you leap/put your trust in god. Waste not want not/the birds of the sky don’t worry…we are endowed with ability to be completely free, but that control mechanism fucks it all up. Here you go-

    I have always believed that all things depended upon Fortune, and nothing upon ourselves.
    – Lord Byron

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