Obesity: stocking up for the End

What if the current trend of obesity was preparation for the coming apocalypse?

When Anak Krakatoa blows its lid, kicking off another super volcano somewhere (there are a number of them). Or when the CME finally arrives (I’ve been waiting for years). Maybe it will be that elusive rogue asteroid that sneaks past observation (I’d mention alien invasion here, but aliens don’t exist). Whatever it might be, when the world system shuts down and collapses, people with a few extra pounds (or tens of pounds) may be fixed to survive longer than the fit-n-trim bunch.

That is the way humanity’s physiology is built — gorge in the late summer and fall, eat and gain weight for the coming winter and starvation period of spring. This epidemic of obesity spreading around the would, maybe it’s just preparation? A collective subconsciousness aware that the End is nigh. So pass the pizza and beer, I’m loading up for the Apocalypse.

(Of course, there’s the complication of Insulin being a short shelf-life drug that would cease production during the collapse… See: https://anonymole.com/2017/04/06/diabetics-and-the-apocalypse/)

6 thoughts on “Obesity: stocking up for the End

  1. This is what people don’t understand: obesity is a symptom of poverty. It’s not a lifestyle choice where people are just eating and not exercising. It’s because kids – and this is the problem with school lunch right now – are getting sugar, fat and empty calories – but no nutrition

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    1. I agree. It’s the quality of the food that is the problem. That and the failure to teach how to eat well. The same $ can buy good food, as opposed to the bad food. But no one knows how to buy it and prepare it. Plus, work. It’s work to make good nutritious food. It’s easy to eat empty, cheap food.


  2. Ah, my friend, I’ve missed your stuff! I’m still trying to catch up from my brush with Armageddon, and you’re next on my list. I love your apocalyptic overview; who knows how the world will end?

    (Robert Frost had a few opinions)

    The only really bad thing about the end of the world scenario and obesity is if it ends in a Zombie Apocalypse. Folks who carry a little extra, ahem, reserve will be hard pressed to escape doom. Remember the first rule of zombieland? 😉

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