The experimental project — an illustrated YA novel — is complete. One final edit and it’s off to submission land. If you’d like to beta read it — just comment here.

Dave Cline - lost and found

The Gribble’s Eye (TGE) is now officially complete.

All 50 images are in and shaded and added to the manuscript.

And to share one which really hallmarks the action, here is an image from the end of the book — a real dynamic scene.


These two characters have names in the story — but you’d have to read it to find out. Isn’t that a great illustration? Yulian Mulyono did an excellent job on all fifty original artworks. I found Yulian on Fiverr. He and I worked out  deal and ONE YEAR LATER we are finally finished!

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13 responses to “TGE is COMPLETE!

  • Phil Huston

    I always liked the woodblock look in the Hardy Boys books. Why the shading? Pen and Ink, all that white space = drama. No, capitalize that. Drama. Personal opinion only, here, but things need to jump off the page, not look like a poorly restored episode of Bonanza. There was a reason the classics chose woodcuts and etching. Without the impression of dimension and light and shadow, grayscaling is dull. Stark just is, you know? My .02 though. Either way, decent, commercial art of a quality befitting the doodles in a talented spiral notebook artist, your target market. Nailed it there.

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    • Anony Mole

      I have all the originals. I could create a version with just the raw illustrations. Half the scenes are at night — hard to depict that fact without some shading. But it could be just a monotone tint to 30% or something.


      • Phil Huston

        Hell, the Byzantines and many others got away with hanging the moon in the corner. The Hardy Boys, you knew it was night if you were reading it. That whole tinting thing without blatant dimensionality is like stopping down the camera to pretend it’s night. Let the pictures speak for themselves. You know it’s night, the reader knows it’s night. If htere’s any sort of key in the pictures like a flashlight or a moon, even better. Content content content. Let your story speak and get out of the way. My .02 only. Again. The easier way to say that is “control freaks fuck everything up”. Or, STFU and play the damn song before you talk it to death. I have more, if you need them 😉

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    • Anony Mole

      Target market – 12-16 yo girls. Didn’t set out to do that, but that’s what the subject matter and limited writing expertise pointed to.
      Have already moved on from this one.


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