Burn one with Elon

Ran across this:


And had to chuckle. Elon Musk describes cannabis as “coffee in reverse,” which I thought insightful. I haven’t watched the 2.5 hour long video, but who would blame me? Sheesh, even with the 2x speed increase (I watch almost all youtube videos at at least 1.5x), this is too much. Ten, maybe twenty minutes to waste (spend) on entertainment like this. Hours? Hell no.

Anyway, Musk pontificates the notion that 1) we’re in a sim or 2) civilization will die. And I get his logic and it makes perfect sense. However, there is a third option 3) we are the first species to have gotten this far. We will be the ones to create the sims. [Sure there may be a 3.a) VERY few species get as far as we have.]

Would be a gas to sit around chatting, sipping whiskey and smokin’ a doobie with Elon.

6 thoughts on “Burn one with Elon

  1. I call bullshit on the inability to watch boring shit for 2.5 hours. Even narcissistic rich guy crap. Because at the base of this discussion is weed and the one among us who has not watched at least 2.5 hours of reruns after a bongload is at least a liar and quite possibly mad. Properly prepared 2.5 hours of Dragnet is not unthinkable.

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  2. I watched some clips of that podcast, and it seemed as if Joe Rogan never quite felt comfortable with Elon Musk’s rather awkward way of engaging. He (Musk) appeared to be a man very conscious of the burden of his own mind.

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    1. Nicely put.
      Musk always seemed to reply with delayed, deliberate responses, perhaps not calculated, but most likely deeply considered.
      As he would speak, and hear his own words, he would nod back to himself, I think, evaluating them and finding his answers agreeable.

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  3. Ha! My buddy Dylan was excitedly texting me about this very thing last night; he must have committed the whole 2.5. 🤣

    I certainly think there are options beyond. As the only species to get this far, maybe we’re the ones that will find the solutions to all of mankind’s ills, and bring a golden age of peace to this universe.

    Anything’s possible. 😉

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  4. I remember the first time someone explained simulation theory to me at a party. It’s possible that I’m extremely impressionable (or had been drinking; yeah, that’s probably it), but I definitely walked away from the convo like, “Yep. Seems legit.” But there’s absolutely no way I could spend 2.5 hrs listening to Elon Musk; wish there were cliffnotes.

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