Old dog: New tricks

I’ve had to take a “real” work-a-day job.

Up at 7 am. There by 8 am. Home by 5:30 pm.

Sitting (and standing) in a CUBE FARM, ALL-DAY-LONG.


So, I’ll be wiped for the foreseeable future.

I’ll be learning Microsoft Dynamic AX & X++ for an S&P500 company — maybe it will delay my Alzheimers for a couple of years.


13 thoughts on “Old dog: New tricks

  1. Leave your blog up so I go back and read old posts. A job is not the end of the world, although at your age it may seem so. You’ll be able to interact with real people and feel useful again. And stave off dementia.

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    1. Yeah, I’ll still be trying to keep up and post thoughts, from time to time. Just not too frequently. I think this blog goes back to 2013, so I’ll just keep it going, slowly.
      I still have two (I think) scenes from your story to edit (and if you hadn’t check I’d edited others some time ago).

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